2d black frame with sibling hand tiles and photo

2D Impressions – The Process

2D Impressions – The Process



Want to capture a precious memory of your loved one to last for years to come?


Our 2D Impressions are a great keepsake to remind you of those tiny fingers and toes, or to showcase siblings or indeed, the whole family. 

With a choice of various colours and frames you are sure to choose one to suit your home. 

So how are 2D Impressions created?


How are 2d Impressions created?

Using a special dental plaster, we recommend that the final 2D Impression tile is placed in a frame, due to the fragile nature of plaster.

As a client one of the first questions you should always consider is “what room will your frame be in?” 

Offering five frame options – to ensure one will suit your home:-

  • nursery white
  • black
  • brushed alumimium
  • brushed gold and 
  •  oak 

Each tile is handcrafted and finished in one of the following colours:-

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Pewter
  • Silver
  • Gold or
  • Bronze

The tile can also be framed with a photo of your choice. All photos are provided by the client and they can either be professional or one you have taken yourself.

As will all clients, the final choice is yours.  However, guidance will be given to if you require help and often a visit to the studio is a great way to see how they can be displayed.

Prices start from £60 for a framed single hand or foot tile.

Sibling Frames are also very popular – as often the first child may not have had their print taken – so it is never too late!

2D Hanging Tile

We recognise that not everyone can afford to have their tile framed, so we do offer our hanging tiles.  Due to the size, it is recommended no older than 10 months to ensure the hand or fit will fit.  Each tile is finished in a colour of your choice and comes with a ribbon so you can hang your tile .

Cost £35 and any additional copies £25


How can I book a 2D Impression session?

If you would like to speak to someone directly feel free to call Glenda on  07738165146 alternatively fill in the booking form below:-

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