3d baby feet in solid bronze with wood heart

3D Casts – The Process

“We do not remember days, we remember moments”

To create a cast alginate is used, the same material a dentist would use to take a mould of your teeth, so the detail is exceptional. Also, given alginate is placed directly into your mouth, clients are reassured no harm will come to their baby when we use it on them.

Mixed at room temperature the hand, foot or paw is placed into alginate and left for approximately one minute to set.

Removal of hand or foot is easy and dental plaster is used to create the cast.

Once every crease or fold is fine-tuned we allow them to dry and then often make a silicone mould for extra copies or free-standing casts which include, lead crystal glass, solid bronze and hallmarked sterling silver.

At every casting silicone moulds are recommended as they can allow identical copies of the original casts to be created and also give peace of mind should anything happen to the original ones. Final plaster casts are painted and framed.

silver frame with 3d baby hand and foot cast

High level casts go through several more processes to become complete resin, solid bronze, lead crystal glass or hallmarked sterling silver casts and can be viewed in the following section of the website (ADD LINK)

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