Casting Kits, DIY or a Professional Job?

Why spend more use a casting or impression company when you can get DIY kits cheaper?

All too often we see clients who tell us of the issues they have faced when using home DIY kits to capture that special memory of their child’s tiny hands and feet. It appears to be more common than the parents realise and they often think its something they are doing wrong. So what is the problem with these kits and why do companies offer products that are not fit for the purpose they were intended for?

Castings and Impressions require a skill and both need to be produced by someone who has undertaken the training to use the materials and has developed the techniques. A DIY kit is marketed very well. Good Packaging of what you can achieve is on the front of each box and they are not necessarily that cheap. The materials supplied are often minimal and of poor quality, which makes the task in hand difficult, but also puts added pressure on the buyer to get the cast or impression right the first time they have a go. Sadly, experience has shown that this can be a false expense which results in parents contacting companies to re-do the casts once they have been unable to get the result they desire. Companies which specialise in this field will ensure that your casting or impression is created with minimal fuss to both you and your child. When choosing a company, don’t always go by the price, do your research.

Things to consider:

1. How long have they been trading?

2. Do they have a good testimonial page? Go on recommendations.

3. Can you view their products online and at events before booking?

4. What materials are used and at what level are the pieces produced too? Eg, A company like Precious Memories with the ability to produce pieces from plaster to hallmarked sterling silver clearly understand how to create stunning pieces of intricate work for clients.

5. How are they displayed? The cast or impression should be finished to a high standard with a good quality frame.

6. Do the artists have their own children or experience of children? If they can’t relate to children and realise that every child is different then do you want to work with them?

7. Are they insured? · What happens if the casts don’t come out well, do you have to pay extra due to extra material being used?

Often calling an artist will answer most of your questions and you will be able to gauge from your conversation if they are professional and someone you wish to use.

Tips for the day

1. Think about where your final piece of artwork will be displayed this will then enable you to consider your final choice wisely

2. When going for a casting or impression with a baby, where possible, feed them before so they are contented or during the casting as this can often help make the process smoother.

3. Ensure the Artist has allowed enough time so it allows you to stop to change your baby etc if required

4. Most importantly, relax and enjoy !!!

Questions & Comments

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