10 Inspirational Quotes to make you a better Entrepeneur

Inspiring Quotes to make you a better Entrepeneur

10 Inspirational quotes to make you a better entrepeneur!  My first blog of 2021.  It seems very apt at the moment times ahead are uncertain.  Running your own business isn’t easy. 
January 2021 marks 17 years working as an Entrepeneur. If someone had said to me back then I would be inspiring hundreds of others I would have laughed.  Why? I was shy growing up.  I worked hard at school but hated it.  Failed at exams – fell to pieces in fact! I never knew what I wanted to do, but one thing I have always been inspired by words!  Quotes play a big part in my life and also in my children’s.  So where better to start than this quote from Joyce Maynard
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 Inspirational quote about mistakes.

This is the first of my 10 inspirational quotes to make you a better entrepeneur.  My girls have seen their mum grow her own business. Being a mum is why I started Precious Memories and 17 years later I am still going strong.  Whilst in lockdown my girls are having to do lessons on-line.  They both know the importance of staying motivated. I am very lucky that I have not had any issues with having to ‘nag’ them to knuckle down.
So where do I go to inspirational quote two?  Mistakes!  I have made a few on the way!  Yet, this is where you grow and improve.  My youngest daughter is very hard on herself and I often remind her of this.  It’s ok as long as you have a go! 
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Attitude is a key inspirational quote for an entrepeneur

Your mindset is key.  Yes, you want to earn money and be indepent.  This comes from how much you put in to a business.  When I began I had to learn lots of new skills on the way and guess what – I still do.  If my attitude now was – I know it all.  I know this business would fail.  Why?  I believe that my attitude towards my client.  Without them I would not have one so I always listen to them.  Moreover, the updating of my skills is a key factor.  Social media seems to change daily.  I need to ensure I keep ahead of the game at all times with this and stay true to yourself!  Which leads me to my next two inspirational quotes to make you a better entrepeneur.

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So what next?  This quote from my 10 Inspirational Quotes to make you a better Entrepeneur is develops all the time. When you start your own business you have no idea if it is going to be a success.  Over the years things have changed. This company definitely has.  I ran franchises for a while.  Had a huge team but, realised there were frustrations.  Now I run training programmes.  This works better all round.  My time is used more efficiently.  I get more time for to do things for me, such as going to the gym and yoga! Taking care of yourself is imporatant too.
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Do something you love – inspiring quote for aspiring entrepeneurs

If you love your job it will not feel like one.  Wake up and be ready to go.  17 years and still going strong – the next couple of quotes say just this!

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You are never too old to learn a new skill

These next two quotes are so true.  Over the 17 years I have run my keepsake business I have trained hundreds of students. The age varies from early 20s to late 60s’.  The beauty of this business is that you can work full or part time.  Around your family.  A lifestyle that suits you.  Do not let age be your barrier.  Take a deep breathe and go for it.  Determination is key.  So dream big – whatever age you are.

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Inspiring Quotes for Aspiring Entrepeneurs

So the last of my 10 inspirational quotes to make you a better entrepeneur is about me.  There is nothing more satisfying that getting great feedback.  I love what I do and when I hear how well those I have trained are doing it gives me a great sense of achievement.  Check out my Customer Reviews

This can be you too. 

My girls are testament to this.  They are both truly inspirational young girls and I know part of that is becuase of me.  So what are you waiting for – go for it!

Do you have a favourite quote?  Please share below.

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