10 reasons to attend this 2D Impressions Course

Do you live outside of the UK but need to attend a great 2D Impressions training course?

It is always an absolute pleasure to train someone.  I particularly love my international students.  I get to learn about their culture.  They also keep me on my toes!  They face challenges unlike the UK.   Ping contacted me from Norway to attend some of my training courses last year I was delighted!  I was even more delighted when she returned later on to do even more!  Rather than me sell you my training.  Hear what Ping’s 10 reasons to attend this 2D Impressions Course are.  

Ping learnt how to create

10 reasons to attend this 2d impressions course by student Ping in norway

Practical 2D Impressions Course or an online one?

  • Glenda has over 16 years experience creating 2D Impressionss.  She is very passionate about her business.  There is nothing she doesn’t know.
  • As a mum Glenda values her family time.  She also understands that women want their own independence too.  With her help you can have both.
  • The courses are incredibly thorough.  You can ask a million questions before, during and after the training.  Glenda will answer them all.  She is very patient!
  • You are encouraged to make mistakes!  It may seem strange to do.  I understand the benefits now being back in Norway
  • Nothing beats being hands on.  The courses allow you to do this.    Whilst it is important to know how to create the 2D Impressions.  How you interact with your client is also important.  You can’t learn certain aspects online.
  • The notes after the course are clear and concise.  Plus, if in doubt I Whatsapp her and she is there to help me.  This aftercare is such good value.
  • Setting up a business in Norway appeared very daunting for me.  Glenda has done it and helped me to do this every step of the way.  This support has been invaluable.
  •  There is no pressure from Glenda to buy everything from her.  In fact the opposite.  She gets you to think about your business as a whole.  She will guide you on what route to take if you want her too.  I enjoyed my training so much last year.  I returned again this year to learn more.
10 reasons to attend 2d impression course here in Dorset with Precious Memories
2d baby foot tile created by student Ping from Norway
Student Ping from Norway gives 10 reasons to attend 2d impression course here in Dorset with Precious Memories

You too could create 2D Impressions like this after training

Above is a small sample of the work I have produced since attending training.

  • Tips are also given on how best to promote your products/business. This can be on your web or through social media.
  • Training takes place in an amazing studio.  It is equipped and gives you great ideas moving forward on how you should work.
  • Oh and one last thing!  It is one-on-one which really appealed to me!
customer testimonial for Precious Memories keepsakes 3d casting from Ping in Norway

What is the aftercare like after attending a 2D Impressions Course?

I have listed 10 reasons to attend this 2D Impressions Training Course with Glenda.

I am now meeting clients and creating amazing keepsakes.  Every so often I will message Glenda for advice.  Again, nothing is too much trouble for her.  She does care about how you are getting on.

I have no hesitation recommeding Precious Memories.

For an informal chat call her on 07738165146
Email – info@precious-memories.co.uk