2D Impressions Framed

2D Impressions

"Life is a rough biography. Memories smooth out the edges."

How do you create a 2D Impression?

A 2d impression is a fabulous way to highlight milestones in your child’s life.  They can be taken from birth and then again at 6 months and a year – highlighting how much they have grown.

The process involves:-


  • Rolling specialised clay flat and deep enough to press into.
  • Pressure is then placed on a hand or foot into the clay to create an impression
  • If required, this is then tidied up and ready for the precious plaster to be added
  • `Once set, the plaster is removed and the tile is then sanded and left to dry.
  • The final tile is then finished off in one of six colours.

We recommend that the final 2D Impression tile is placed in a frame, due to the fragile nature of plaster.

Offering five frame options with various finishes, you are sure to find a frame to suit your home.  Prices start from a single tile framed for £60.  

Executive Black Frame with Sibling brother tiles and photographs
Brushed Aluminium Frame with newborn hand an foot tile and complimentary photograph
Luxury Oak Frame with personalised bunting and gold tiles

If you would like to arange a booking at the Poole, studio call 07738165146 or email info@precious-memories.co.uk


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