2D Imprints of the Bride and Groom

2D Hand and Foot Impressions

"Life is a rough biography. Memories smooth out the edges."

How do you create a 2D Hand and Foot Impressions?

2d hand and foot impressions is a fabulous way to highlight one of the most romantic days of a couple’s lives.

The process involves:-

  • Rolling specialised clay flat and deep enough to press into.
  • Pressure is then placed on a hand or foot into the clay to create an impression
  • If required, this is then tidied up and ready for the precious plaster
  • `Once set, the tile is then sanded and left to dry.
  • The final tile is then finished off in one of six colours.
Due to the fragile nature of plaster it showcasing a frame would ideal. To add a personal touch compliment with a photograph.
Offering five frame options with various finishes, you are sure to find a frame to suit your home.  Prices start from a single tile framed for £60. 
2D Tile of Bride and Groom Framed wedding gift
Executive Black Frame with bride and groom
Bride and Groom 2D Hand Tile Impression with a photo in a frame
Brushed Aluminium Frame with Bride and Goom Hand tiles and complimentary photograph

Bride and Groom who have it all

The 2d hand and foot impressions are a unique gift.  Many couples already live together before they get married.  This would be an ideal alternative.  A reminder of their special day.

Gift Vouchers

If there are a group of you.  Then organise a collection and order a gift voucher for the happy couple.  These can be posted or emailed directly.


2d hand and foot impressions

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