3D Adult and Children Handclasps

“Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone's hand is the beginning of a journey.  At other times, it is allowing another to take yours.”

Freestanding 3D Adult & Child Handclaps

Our free-standing 3D Adult and Children handclasps are a beautiful way to capture a memorable moment in time.  Mother and Daughter or Father and Son they make a real centre-piece in any home.  

What is the process for 3D Adult and Children Handclaps?

3D Adult and Children handclasps involve the child having the to follow instructions. The process takes approximately one minute.
Alginate is a seaweed mixed product which is initially mixed with water.  The hands go into the mixture and wait for it to change colour.  They are then removed.  The hole is then filled with a precious plaster.  Once this has set the alginate the hands are removed. There are a variety of colours to complete the cast which include:-
– silver
– gold
– bronze
– pewter
father and daughter 3d hand cast
3D Handclasp Father and Son
work in progress by my student Nicole in Jersey of a Father and Son Handclasp
Father and Son 3D Holding Hands Statue
Completed Father and Son 3D Handcast Statue
3D Mother and Daughter handclasp
Mother and Daughter 3D Hand Casting created by my student Kerry in Scotland

Family of Four 3D free-standing hand casting

3D free-standing family hand casting on wooden plinth and plaque
Free-Standing Handcasting created by my student Caroline from Bristol
3D family handcasting statue on slate mount
Bespoke handcasting created by my student Kerry in Scotland

Wedding and Anniversary 3D Handcasts

How much is a 3D Adult and Child Handclasp?

Holding hands is a natural way of life to symbolise love & trust.

For a bride and groom who may already have everything for their home this is a fabulous alternative.

Grandparents love the experience of having a 3D Casting taken and are fascinated with the final result.  So not only do you buy a precious gift but also a once in a lifetime exprrience too.

Precious Memories can create these using a variety of materials including our precious stone plaster making this keepsake attainable for everyone.

Prices start from £180

To enquire email info@precious-memories.co.uk or call 0773816514