adult and baby feet 3d cast handclasp

3D Cast of Adult and Baby

3D Cast of Adult Hands and Baby Feet

This is a stunning keepsake to remind you of just how small your baby’s feet were.   The final 3D Casting Statue can be completed in a variety of colours which include:-

  • white
  • silver
  • gold
  • pewter
  • bronze


How is the 3D Cast created?

The process is in two parts.

The first requires a visit to the studio with your baby.

  • A casting of your newborn’s feet is required using alginate.  These are then created into plaster and tided up.
3D baby feet casting in plaster just out of alginate for Adult and Baby Statue
  • Stage two requires the adult if just one pair of hands is chosen.  Or adults if two parents want to hold a foot each – must then return to the studio approximately a week later.
adult and baby feet 3d cast handclasp
created by my student Nicole based in Jersey

The final piece can be free-standing or for that added piece of luxury placed on a slate mount.

Price £200

Stage 1 – allow 40 mins time at the studio

Stage 2 – allow 30 mins time at the studio

How do I book a 3D Baby and Adult Handcast?

Call Glenda on 97738165146 or email:-

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