3D Casting Training with student from India

3D Casting Training with Student from India
The start of 2018 was an exciting time.  I was about to do my first  3D Casting Training with student Trisha from India.  Trisha was travelling over 8,000 to the studio from New Dehli, India.  She would learn how to create some precious memories over 3 1/2 days. With these skills Trisha would then return to start her own keepsake company back home
Knowing how far Trisha was due to travel was such an honour that she chose me to do the training. We had a fantastic times and over the three and a half days met lots of local parents and their children. They came along to the studio as models for Trisha to practice on.

Why did Trisha chose to learn 3D Casting with Precious Memories?

When I asked Trisha why she wanted to do this she told me of her experience back home. A lady had come to the house to do the castings for her own child, but wasn’t very successful, so had to return another day. Trisha felt that the lady did not instil much faith in what she was doing. It also gave her the idea that she wanted to do this herself. The only problem was no-one in India offered her the training. 
After lookng on the internet and Facebook Trisha found Precious Memories. The moment Trisha spoke to Glenda she knew this was where she needed to go. Guidance on travel, work permits and accommodation were also given.

The importance of client liaison

During the training whilst there is a focus on creating the keepsakes. It is also very important to liaise with the client and their child. When a client leaves you want them to have positive memories from their experience. The training gives you lots of children to practice on which enabled Trisha to do this.
Spending so much time with Trisha, also give me an insight into her culture. As the training progressed I was very aware that not everything would be the same. For instance, a key factor for Trisha is the heat. Working with the clay for 2D Impressions Trisha will need to adapt. The clay will dry out much quicker, so we talked about all eventualities that could take place.  It was great to have Trisha as my first 3D Training student from India.  Since then I have trained more.

3D Casting Training with Student from India

Over two days, Trisha wanted to learn the art of 3D Castings,

Babies of all ages came to the studio giving her lots of practical experience.  This is key to learning the art of keepsakes.

2D Impression One Day Course

On the third day Trisha was then introduced to the art of 2D Impressions.  This looks alot easier than it is.  From learning to roll the clay.  The making sure little fingers do not scrape the clay!

Family Handcasting Half Day Course

For the final part of the training it woudl be for half a day.  Trisha learnt how to create advanced 3D Family Castings of linked arms. I was very impressed with Trisha. She worked very hard and made the most of every minute of her training. She also had to deal with the cold, jet lag and a different languge. Since her return to India, we have spoken a few times and she is doing really well. Trisha also took some time to write a fabulous review on the Facebook page.

Review of 3D Casting workshop with Student from India

"The training for 3D, 2D and family casting was amazing. I am glad I chose Precious Memories over any other training institutions. You could learn the techniques and could practice on some amazing baby clients. Yes, I travelled overseas from India it was very long - but so worth it! By the end of training all the efforts involved to travel were worth it. Glenda is an amazing person and a perfect teacher. Glenda is brilliant she is a natural teacher. When I return, I am excited to start something of my own soon and make my teacher glad by my work."

What does the future hold?

This was my first 3D training with a student from Inida.   I am excited to see how Tricia progresses over the months to come and know her new adventure will be a huge success! 

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