3D Casts in Solid Bronze

For the ultimate in luxury 3D Casts in Solid Bronze are ideal.

“Take care of all your memories.  For you can’t relive them.”  Bob Dylan

3d casting kits

Heirloom Keepsakes in solid bronze

With over 16 years experience runnig the company.  There are very few comapnies that will go that one step further!  Solid 3D Casts in solid bronze remain one of the most popular luxury castings.  The first stage is to get a plaster cast or casts.   This must be of the most highest of quality.

3D Casts in Hallmarked Sterling Silver

A silicone mould is then made to enable a wax copy of the cast to be created.  This then goes through eight further stages before completion.

3d baby feet in solid bronze with wood heart
3d baby hand and foot cast in luxury solid bronze

What if I am unable to get to the studio in Poole?

If you are looking for 3D Casts in solid bronze thenyou need to come to the studio.  This is not always possible.  It does not mean that is the end though.  Follow the following steps and we may still be able to help you:-
  • find a reputable casting company in your area
  • Approach them to create 3D plaster casts
  • Contact Glenda at Precious Memories to ensure you know what to ask for
  • Once you have the plaster casts send them to the studio and Glenda will do the rest

Engraved 3D Casts in Solid Bronze make them even more special.

Pet Casts in Solid Bronze

As well as human casts the bronze has been popular for pet casts too.  

Memorial Casts in Solid Bronze

Bronze Casts are also very popular for memorial keepsakes due to their durability.  
The image below displays some baby foot casts created to hold ashes.   The original plaster casts were not created by Precious Memories. This is not a problem. For these casts – The client was very specific with their requirements. They asked that the original casts were not altered in any way, which is why there are holes on the final casts.


Contact Details

So if you are interested in having some solid bronze casts created feel free to contact Glenda

Email info@precious-memories.co.uk

Call 07738165146