3D Casts in Poole, Dorset

3D Casts in Poole, Dorset

This year has been very surreal.  I have been lucky enough to meet lots of clients for 3D Casts in Poole, Dorset when lockdown was lifted.  I am hoping that 2021 brings lots more times for me to create precious memories.
One of the key things that stuck with me this time round was just how precious my job is.  Creating 3D Casts has given many parents an opportunity to have at least one keepsake this year.  , Corona-19 took away alot of the opportunities for them. It also made people reflect on what is important in their life right now and family was one of them.


3D Casts in Poole, Dorset
3D Casts in Frame created by student Ping, based in Norway

How old does my baby need to be for a 3D Cast in Poole, Dorset?

This is one of the most asked questions.  After doing this job for 16 years, I can honestly say, the younger the better.  I have created 3D Casts of premature babies.  So if you want to capture the tiny hands and feet of your baby do it as soon as you can.

What if my baby wriggles?

The material used to create a 3D Cast is called alginate.  It is the same material a dentist uses to make a mould of your teeth.  It is like magic!  Why?  It allows movement – so your baby or pet can wriggle as much as they want too.


3D Dog Cast in Poole, Dorset
3D Dog Paw Cast created by student Ping in Norway

How long does it take to create a 3D Cast in Poole, Dorset?

Allow up to 40 minutes for a baby casting.   This also gives you an opportunity to look at samples displayed in the studio.  There are various frame options to look at which include:-

  • white nursery
  • black
  • wood
  • silver
  • gold

There are also various cast colours to chose from.  Think about where your final frame will be displayed at home.

Life after Covid 19

What are the payment terms?

The cost will vary depeding on what you chose. 

To give you an idea a pair of feet are £100 in a white frame.

A hand and foot are £120 in a white frame.

A Payment plan is in place.  Half when you attend the casting.  The other half when you collect your frame.  The turnaround is approximately 4-5 weeks.  This breaks up your payment.

How do I book a 3D Cast in Poole, Dorset?

Call Glenda on 07738165146

Email:- info@precious-memories.co.uk