3d baby casting studio and 3d casting training workshop Poole Dorset - reopening

3D Casts Studio Re-opening

3D Casts Studio Re-Opening April 2021

The latest government annoucement has given the green light so the 3D Casts Studio Re-opening April 2021 is official.  It has been a long time coming, but safety is paramount.

So what does this mean? 

Appointments will be by appointment only.  Unless you are exempt you will also need to wear a mask.

It is not long before the 3D Casts Studio re-opening.  Casting Days are already being published on the website and via social media.  The first two days are:-

  1. Wednesday 21st April
  2. Saturday 23rd April

How long will a casting take?

If you opt for a 3D Casting it is usually approximately 40mins.  For 2D Impressions it is slighty less time – 30 minutes.

3D Casts Studio re-opening April 2021

Can I take the casts home on the day?

Once a 3D Cast or 2D Impression has been taken it takes approximately 4 weeks to complete.  With this in mind a payment plan has been set up.  This is partly due to knowing how hard the past year has been for many.

What is the payment plan?

You will be required to pay half of the total amount due just before you attend your appointment.  The remainder approximately 4 weeks later when you come to collect your final order


april 2021 re-opening of the 3d casts studio Poole Dorset

When will training start again?

With the 3D Casts studio re-opening April 2021 it also means I can train.  Students will be based in the UK at the moment.  It is hoped that once travel restrictions lift, overseas students can return too.

Rock the bump belly casting poole dorset

Are you looking to have some Precious Memories created?

I have missed having the sound of happy parents with their newborns in the studio.  The wagging of dog tails.  The holding of hands of couples who are celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversaries.  A year is a long time not to create Precious Memories and the studio is ready for you.

To see samples of what you can have follow the links:-

3D Castings

Belly Bumps

2D Impressions

Pet Prints

Silver Jewellery

Or if you are interested in attending one of the training courses please do get in touch.  Call Glenda on 07738615416

Email:- info@precious-memories.co.uk

Welcome Back!

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