3D Casts – The Process

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What is the process for 3D Casts?

To create 3d baby casts we use alginate. This is the same material a dentist would use to take a mould of your teeth. The detail is exceptional. When a dentist uses it – it is placed in your mouth. Knowing this, Alginate is placed directly into your mouth so no harm will come to your baby. The process is very safe.
Mixed at room temperature the hand, foot or paw i put in to the algiante. Setting takes approximately one minute and guess what – your baby can move the whole time!


3d cast baby foot the process
3d cast keepsake the process
3d casting process

Options available for 3D Casts

Once every crease or fold is fine-tuned they are left to dry. 

What are silicone moulds?

Plaster is quite fragile so it is recommended to have the 3d baby casts framed.  A further security option is  slicone mould.  Silicone moulds can act as insurance in case the original gets damaged.  Or if you would like identical copies made.  

A pair of 3d Baby Casts Silicone moulds costs £70

For luxury casts:-

Silicone moulds are created and included in the final price

Framed 3D Casts

Final plaster casts are painted and framed.

silver frame with 3d baby hand and foot cast
3d baby hand and foot cast with booties, scan and photograph
love sign 3d cast baby feet white frame poole dorset
3D Baby Feet with Light Up Letters Love Frame
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