3D Family Hand Casting


Today’s little moments become tomorrow’s Precious Memories.


3D Family Hand Casts.  3D Family Handclasps.  Life Casting Keepsakes of all the Family.

Founded in 2004 Precious Memories creates stunning keepsakes.  Located in a self-built studio in Poole, Dorset surrounded by beautiful beaches.  Glenda has over 16 years experience creating 3D Baby, adult and pet casts.  All casts are initally created using alginate. This includes the 3D Family Handcasts and the 3D Family Handclasps.  This material used by dentists when taking a mould of your teeth is very safe. This means that is it is very safe to use on your baby too. Moreover, precious plaster is then poured into the alginate to set and create a cast. The cast looks fantastic in a frame complimented with a memorable photo.
For luxury casts made in solid bronze or silver, further stages take place. These include the making of a silicone mould and then a wax. The final stages create casts in bronze, crystal glass or hallmarked sterling silver. In addition, the luxury casts make fabulous family heirlooms. They are a truly unique keepsake to remind you of your family over the years to come.  Precious Memories can create a stunning Family Handcast for your family home.
From the day your baby is born to 100 years+ casts can be created – there isn’t an age limit. Precious Memories also loves to cast pets. Pets a very important part of the family.

Interested in a 3D Family Handcasting?  3D Family Handclasp?

Would like a Family Hand Cast created? Call Glenda on 07738165146 to arrange an appointment.  Or you can email:- info@precious-memories.co.uk


We have produced casts of hoofs, plaster impressions of dog paws and made jewellery from cats and rabbit footprints ! 

These can be all be mounted, framed or paired with photographs of your choice to create the perfect gift for loved ones or a keepsake that captures those Precious Memories for years to come.

3D Family Hand Castings

These bespoke pieces of art are very popular.  3D Family Hand Castings look fabulous on a wall. 

Prices start from:-

£335 (Three Hands) £385 (Four Hands)  £465 (Five Hands)  £515 (Six Hands)  £565 (Seven Hands)

Location – Poole, Dorset

Time – approximately 40 minutes

“Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future”

Precious Memories hung on your wall

One of our stunning 3d family hand casts will make a true centerpiece in any home.  Whether there are three or five members, we can cater for your needs.  It is a truly unique experience and the family bond is captured in a truly precious way.  Moreover, this gift comes with an inbuilt fitting to hang on your wall.  We advise this type of casting for children four years and over due to the time it takes to create.  Under the age of four years we would recommend a clasped style.

Fully equipped studio with sample 3D Family Hand Casting

The process takes approximately 40 minutes.  The studio has samples for you to look at.  The final piece will be completed with fittings so you can hang it on a wall in your home or alternatively, place it on a shelf like this family did.

Check out what this family thought of their family handcasting.

If you would like to book a family handcasting call 07738165146 or email info@precious-memories.co.uk

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