Baby Belly Bump Castings

Precious Memories create stunning pregnancy belly bump casts and bowls. Showcase your newborn in their first home created over 9 months.
3D Casting Training Studio Precious Memoires

Why chose Precious Memories?

16 years and still going strong are the Baby Belly Bump Castings, A product that is unlike any other.  Highlighting the nest egg you of your little one before they enter this world.  Glenda also offers training in this art.  Students travel from all over the UK including Scotland, Wales and Ireland.  Moreover, the belly bump cast courses are also popular with International Students.  In addition, they have travel from places such as Cyrpus.  With this in mind you know you are in very safe hands.


Prices of Pregnancy Belly Bump Castings.

  • Low entry belly bump castings in mod-roc bandage from £45
  • High impression alginate from £275

The studio is based in Poole, Dorset.  Surrounded by beautiful beaches and other tourist attractions.  Moreover, clients travel and make the most of their time with Glenda.

newborn rock the bump boscombe mod roc belly bump mylene klass

Ideal time to have a belly bump casting

The ideal time is between 32-36 weeks.

What is a mod-roc bandage casting?

Mod-roc bandage is the same material used in hosptial.  If you break a ligament they wet the material.  Place it on your body and it sets hard.  This is how your pregnancy baby belly bump casting is created.

mylene klass belly bump bowl pregnancy keepsake baby shower precious memories dorset

What options do I have?

  • Pregnancy Belly Bump (often created into a bowl)
mod roc belly bump cast belly bump bowl
rock the bump belly bump bowl
pregnancy rock the bump bournemouth bump casting
rock the bump boscombe belly bump bowl

– Boobs and Belly Bump

mod roc belly bump and boob casting

– Hands (creating a heart) over the pregnancy belly bump

pregnancy belly bump casting with heart shaped hands
Heart shaped hands on mod roc belly bump cast
rock the bump mod roc belly bump casting with hands as a heart shape
First stage of mod roc belly bump cast
belly bump casting rock the bump bournemouth with heart
final bump completed ready to hang
belly bump casting rock the bump bournemouth with heart
final mod roc bump

Baby in belly bump casting

Clients often get photographs taken after the baby has been born.  A truly precious memory of the baby in the belly bump casting is priceless.

pregnancy precious memories mod roc belly bump bowl in photo shoot with samantha prewett newborn photography poole
newborn baby in belly bump cast
baby in boob and belly bump casting
baby with boob and pregnancy belly bump casting rock the bump dorset

High Impression Belly Bump Castings

For the high impression belly bump casts we use alginate.  The detail is second to none.  Every single line and crease shows up – the detail is staggering. Further stages take place to create the final belly bump cast. It is a very unique keepsake.  In addtion, this will effect the price.
Prices start from a Belly Bump Casting at £300.


Mod-Roc Belly Bump Training Course

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