Belly Bump Training Course

Fancy learning how to create Mod-Roc Belly Bump Castings?
mylene klass belly bump bowl pregnancy keepsake baby shower precious memories dorset

Mod Roc Belly Bump Training

One Day Training Course – Belly Bump Training Course cost £500

Precious Memories founded in 2004 by mum Glenda.  With over 17 years experience creating belly bump the training is first class.   Conversely, people travel thousands of miles to attend the Belly Bump Training Course.  Travelling from all over the UK including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. In addition, from places as far as Cyprus, India, Norway and Germany.
Mod-roc belly casts have become very popular.  They are very affordable for everyone. Moreover, this makes the absolute sense if you are looking to run an all round keepsake company.
Mod-Roc Belly Bump Training Course
Mod Roc Belly Bump Cast

Price of Mod-Roc Belly Casting Course

The cost is £500 and it lasts for the day based here in Poole, Dorset.  In addition, Lunch and refreshments are provided on the day.  Moreover, you get to take away samples created on the day.

Why attend a Precious Memories Belly Bump Casting Course?

The Belly Bump Training course is very relaxed and on a one-to-one basis.  This ensures you get 100% of my time. Moreover, the day will go at a pace that suits you so that you do not feel any pressure to keep up with others.
Models who attend the course also get to take away a sample too – so you get lots of time to perfect the art.
mod roc belly bump cast belly bump bowl

Belly Bump Bowl

Images of a training workshop learning the skills to create a belly bump bow with mum Tilly..


rock the bump belly bump bowl
pregnancy rock the bump bournemouth bump casting
rock the bump boscombe belly bump bowl

Tilly’s newborn photographed in her belly bump bowl

The photograpaher commented on how this bowl was super strong.  Conversely, all bowls needed for a photoshoot are reinforced to ensure full safety of the baby.

pregnancy belly bump bowl in photo shoot with samantha prewett newborn photography poole

Bonus of having belly bump training with Glenda

If you attend a belly bump training course with Glenda.  You can also learn to create other keepsakes to compliment your business.  These can include:-

  • 3D Castings
  • 2D Impressions
  • Fingerprint Jewellery

This makes your business incredibly exciting for potential clients.  The next image is of Baby Levi to highlight this.

Life after Covid 19

Boobs and Belly Bump Casting

Aga attended the studio to allow my student Tiffany the chance to create a boob and belly mod roc casting.

mod roc belly bump and boob casting

Mum Aga’s belly bump with her baby

baby in boob and belly bump casting
baby with boob and pregnancy belly bump casting rock the bump dorset

Mod roc belly and boob bump training workshop

Next level up from a belly is a belly and boob bump casting.  These can be completed to hang in any room of your home.  A great reminder of where your baby was growing.

International Student Christina from Cyprus

Examples of student work of mod-roc belly bump castings

mod roc belly bump casting by nicole in Jersey training day
mod-roc belly bump casting created by Nicole from Jersey
belly bump casting decorated with mosaic tiles created by my student Kerry from Scotland
mod roc belly bump created at belly bump casting training with precious memories
boob and belly bump cast created by my student Tiffany from Scotland
belly bump casting models rock the bump belly bump castings
Various Mums having their bumps created by student Katy from Buttercup Therapies
belly bump casting created by Precious Memories
newborn in belly bump created by student Katy from Northampton

Client Testimonials attending belly bump training with Precious Memories

As with all of my training courses, I like those who attend to give feedback.  If you need any further proof have a read:-

Do you have any tips on becoming a WAHM?

I have run Precious Memories for 17+ years.  It is really important to consider a variety of areas such as working from home.  The following article may be of some use – read here.

How do I book to attend the belly bump training course?

So if you think a new career path is calling you and this has ingited some excitement feel free to contact me.

Call 07738165146