10 reasons to attend this Belly Bump Training Course

10 Reasons to attend this Belly Bump Training Course

Katie from Northampton attended a belly bump training course here in Dorset in 2020. This was at a time the lockdown restrictions allowed her too.  I asked her to give 10 reasons to attend this belly bump training course for you to read.

10 reasons to attend this belly bump training course in Poole, Dorset
Katie already runs a very successful business in Northampton. She wanted to ensure that anything else she did was just as professional.  After lots of research she found my business and called for a chat

Glenda has over 16 years of experience.

“There is nothing Glenda doesn’t know.  There are other companies who offer the training.  Indeed, Glenda has trained some of them (so they have not been going so long). So I had no doubt that this was the right place to learn.  Furthermore, the links she has in the keepsake industry are worth their weight in gold.  The value you get from her training is second to none!

What makes this the best belly bump training course?

Glenda gives you the confidence to believe you can achieve anything!  Whilst knowing how to create belly bumps is important how you interact is key too.

Belly Bump training Poole Dorset

Hands on Belly Bump Training Course in Poole

I learn best when I am active.  The course definitely allows you to do this.  The first model who attends the course allows you to focus on belly bump bowls.  These are now very popular.  You may often see a baby in a belly bump bowl.  The key thing I learnt was to reinforce the belly bump casts. The safety of a baby is imperative.  A lovely mum Sam came along to the training session.  Glenda organsies it all.  We do two belly bump casts to turn in to bowls.  Sam left one with Glenda which she had to work on.  It was to for a photoshoot – but Freddie arrived a few weeks earlier than expected so Glenda was super quick!
Belly bump training rock the bump poole dorset
baby in belly bump bowl poole dorset rock the bump

Great Variations with Pregnant Models

The second mum attending the training took me to the next level.  Belly and Boobs Casting Training.  Again, we made two casts on-site.  So I was able to take one of them home with me to work on.
Belly and boob casting training poole dorset top tips

Why this Belly Bump Training Course?

I do feel that whilst Glenda trains in various keepsakes this is not a bad thing.  Anyone who is looking to run a business should not be short sighted. Glenda is very honest and does highlight that it is a risk to just offer belly bump castings!  The products Glenda trains in compliment each other. Having had 16 years experience in this industry she will be able to give you advise that money can’t buy. So if you are looking to build a business offering keepsakes then I have no hesitation but to say go with her!

How is the belly bump training with Covid-19?

Safety is paramount so you learn about PPE.   Moving forward you know how to adapt your business in these very surreal times.

I did travel to have my training but I would say it was definitely worth it.  Dorset is a beautiful place and it gave me an opportunity to visit a place I love with my partner.  Having some time to switch off is as important and where better than at the beach.

Aftercare of my Training

Again, Glenda does care about you.  When you leave the training that is not the end of her support.  When I went home I needed help to get willing models.  Glenda is avaialble with any questions and that is such a great resource.  I believe I will succeed in this industry thanks to her help.

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Contact Details

Been furloughed or lost your job?  Why not call Glenda for an informal chat about training.

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