Cast away the feeling of being trapped

Let Precious Memories help cast away that feeling of being trapped!

So many parents, in particular women, are finding it harder in the UK to maintain a full time job because of rising child care costs. This has been echoed today by the Guardian with a feature titled Want to Work Mother.

Women I have spoken to feel like they are losing part of their identity. Don’t get me wrong they do love to be a mum, wife or partner, but long for interaction with others and that feeling of independence when they earn their own money. There is only so much Jeremy Kyle that a woman can face!

Offering very flexible training schemes I have helped mums in particular get back into work quickly and it hasn’t cost them a fortune. 2D Impressions and  3D hand and foot casting are very popular products that parents love to have created when their newborn comes along. Babies grow so quickly so having the opportunity to capture those tiny fingers and toes is a great keepsake and it is a privilege to being able to capture some of those very early precious memories.

So what is involved? Starting from just £450 you can choose to do a day (for 2D Impressions) or two learning all the skills required to create the 3D castings. You do not need to be artistic but an eye for detail does help. Once the training is over are not forgotten about you automatically become an affiliate of Precious Memories for a year, so a friendly voice is always at the end of the phone. If you feel you need further support setting up your business then I tailor a programme to suit you.

Running your own 3D Casting or 2D Impression business gives you the freedom to work around your children, so you don’t have to pay for childcare. Often visiting a play centre with your own child gives you the opportunity to be a mum and also network. It gets you out of the house and most importantly you start to earn your own money giving you that independence that you were looking for.

Precious Memories also creates pet prints and you will be shown how to take pet prints when you attend the training.  This means that your business will reach out to a much wider audience.

If you fancy running your own 3D Casting business or 2D Impression then feel free to contact me on 07738165146 or email today!

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