Top 10 Gifts for Newborns and Babies in Dorset

top 10 gifts for newborns and babies in dorset with precious memories keepsakes 3d casting company

Can you support a local business in Dorset when you buy a gift for a newborn or baby? Even before the impact of Covid-19 our high street was on the decline. I struggled to find unique handmade top 10 gifts for newborns and babies in Dorset.  There was a closure of well known high street […]

Precious Memories gives rescue dog paw casting a new home

I grew up with dogs being a big part of the family and when I got married in 2001 within two weeks I had a West Highland Terrier puppy called Crumble and a German Shepherd puppy called Legend.   However, whilst Crumble was still around I was approached by a lady asking if I would consider […]


Jennifer from Germany 3D Hand Casting Workshop with baby model

Student travels from Germany to attend 3D Casting Workshop  Jennifer travelled thousands of miles from Germany why? To attend several of my workshops over a period of one week. Jennifer is one of a growing number of mums who have had children. She then faced crossroads in her life of not knowing what to do.  […]