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11 Nov 2018

Why I travelled from Bristol to Precious Memories to learn the art of 3D Casting

Student travels from Bristol to learn the art of 3D Castings Caroline was a mum who travelled from Bristol to attend a 3D Casts Training Course in Poole, Dorset.  Like many mums Caroline wanted to work but also spend time with her family.  Society in the UK makes this very difficult for many.  Running your […]

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09 Nov 2018
Jennifer from Germany 3D Hand Casting Workshop with baby model


Student travels from Germany to attend 3D Casting Workshop  Jennifer travelled thousands of miles from Germany why? To attend several of my workshops over a period of one week. Jennifer is one of a growing number of mums who have had children. She then faced crossroads in her life of not knowing what to do.  […]

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