3D Casts – The Process

3d baby feet in solid bronze with wood heart

“We do not remember days, we remember moments” What is the process for 3D Casts? To create 3d baby casts we use alginate. This is the same material a dentist would use to take a mould of your teeth. The detail is exceptional. When a dentist uses it – it is placed in your mouth. […]

Family Hand Casting Process

Family casting handcast

Family Hand Casting Process Prices Start from £300 (Three Hands) £350 (Four Hands)  £400 (Five Hands)  £450 (Six Hands)  £500 (Seven Hands) Details Families love to come along to the studio in Poole and take part in the process of creating a family hand casting. From the age of four years upwards children and adults […]