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13 Nov 2020
3D Casts in Poole, Dorset

3D Casts in Poole, Dorset

3D Casts in Poole, Dorset This year has been very surreal.  I have been lucky enough to meet lots of clients for 3D Casts in Poole, Dorset when lockdown was lifted.  I am hoping that 2021 brings lots more times for me to create precious memories. One of the key things that stuck with me this […]

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28 May 2020
creating precious memories during lockdown

Creative ways to embrace Lockdown

Creating Precious Memories during Lockdown After nine weeks of lockdown do you need some inspiration with your children?  Check out how I got some of my clients to use their creative ways to embrace lockdown here in sunny Dorset. “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory” Dr […]

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02 Apr 2020
Family life during Coronavirus

How to Create Precious Memories during Covid-19

Life is not as we know it. I awake to another day of the unknown.  The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic has created a new set of rules.  Consequently, my daily exercise around eerie streets is the norm.  Clock set for five o’clock each day to hear the latest update from the government.  In these unprecendented times […]

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01 Jan 2020
Life after Covid 19

New career post lockdown

Looking for a new career post lockdown? I have been running Precious Memories now for 16 years.  Before this I trained to be a primary school teacher and have also worked in London as a Marketing Manager.  When I started the business I needed it to fit in with my family.  As a result, it […]

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25 Jan 2019

Precious Memories – About Us

Precious Memories Studio in Poole, Dorset Hi my name is Glenda and I have worked in Marketing as well as becoming a qualified Primary School Teacher. For the past 16 years and I have been a WAHM (work at home mum) running Precious Memories.  I am lucky to say that I have been running Precious […]

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