Child’s talk at work a taboo?

Do you talk about your children at work or do you feel you can't ?

Are we really in the 21st Century?  Is Child’s Talk at Work really a taboo?

Reading a recent article by the BBC titled “Is it a mistake to talk about your children at work”intrigued me so I couldn’t  resist reading it further.

According to some it is wrong to do so, especially in the corporate world, as it could have an effect on your career prospects, whilst others argue it shows women being weak.  Yet another thing to toy with as many go out to work either feeling guilty because they have too or being perceived as a bad mother because they enjoy working!  Others felt that it is a useful way to build relationship with colleagues and clients the topic clearly has various opinions and it certainly caught my eye.

I must admit though as I got to the final paragraph I did smile, as I have experienced this myself and whilst I could talk about my children all the time I know there is a time and place..  “it’s a bad idea to talk about anything endlessly if it doesn’t interest your audience, whether it’s your weekend game of golf or your amazing offspring”. 


Family life during Coronavirus

Lucky to be a WAHM

I am very lucky that I work from home and I love it.  Having two girls age 16 and 12 I have been able to attend every event going.  If one of them is ill, I haven’t had to report to anyone to take time off and the idea that you can’t even talk about your children at work stunned me. I am also lukcy that my clients predominantly have children – so I can talk about them as much as I want.

Where do you sit with this?