Losing a pet during the Pandemic

Losing a pet during the pandemic

As well as the loss of humans. I have met clients who have experienced losing a pet during the pandemic.  The death of a beloved pet dog is devastating.

Pets have always been a huge part of my life, so I absolutely understand the bond that forms over the years.

Earlier this year I received a very heartfelt email from a client called Tim.  Tim lived 3 1/2 hours away in Hereford, but wanted to visit the studio.  He told me about his family pet dog Bleu.  Bleu was not well and due to the pandemic his treatment was going to stop.  This was heartbreaking and they wanted me to create some keepsakes for them.

Tim told me he did have a look online but nothing came up in his area. The only thing that did were home kits. Yet, the quality didn’t look anything like the professional finish of my work.  How could I refuse?


losing a pet during the pandemic 2020

More than just a pet

When Bleu arrived it was clear to me Tim and his wife Gayle were using all their emotional strength.  Creating any keepsake with a pet does have it’s issues.  You can’t ask a pet to stay still, so you have to adapt to this. But when you know their life is to end at any point – it’s takes on a new emotional journey. 

I took a paw print using the inkless wipes first.  This would be scanned later to use to create some jewellery for Gayle and a paw pendant for Tim. The next challenge was the 3D Casting.  At the back of my mind, I knew Bleu was suffering, so I wanted to ensure that I got a cast the first time round.  The less stress for Bleu the better.  With lots of treats to hand we worked together and it worked!  Tim, Gayle and Bleu left and went for a walk at Sandbanks Beach.  I poured plaster in to the mould, as I wanted to ensure it was ok before they left and went back to Hereford.

Losing a pet dog keepsake sandbanks beach dorset

Losing a pet is never easy

Whilst working on the keepsakes Tim contacted me.  Bleu had passed away, it was heartbreaking to hear this.  The pawprint jewellery and casts now would hold even more memories for them.  Losing a pet is such a emotional experience.

Silver paw prints in silver

Losing a pet bronze dogpaw casting
Pawprint silver charms

Plaster and Bronze Pawprint

losing a pet solid bronze paw casting

Life after losing a pet during the pandemic

Tim & Gayle received the keepsakes with mixed emotions.  Gayle will have Bleu’s pawprint close to her every day. The pawprint bronze cast has a warmth when held. The keepsakes a reminder of their beautiful pet dog Bleu. My job is a reminder that it is not always happy times. What I do is help ease some of the pain of my clients. For that I am very thankful and wish them a peaceful Christmas this year.

Hi Glenda, Thank you so much for the cast and jewellery, It arrived this morning but I wasn't allowed to open it until Gayle got home! We are very happy and want to thank you again for seeing us and doing the casting of Bleu's paw. We now have something very special to remember him. I'll send you a picture of how I will put the paw print charm in the frame, as soon as I find the right photo of Bleu to use. Thanks again for all your hard work.

Death of Beloved Pet Dog

Since writing this piece I learnt that the Duke & Duchess of York lost their beloved pet dog.  Sending my condolences to the family.  It is a sadness only those who have had a pet will ever understand.


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