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Precious Memories Keepsakes knows customer reviews are incredibly important.   Consequently, I am a firm believer that anyone who enquires about should speak to someone who attended one of my courses.  In addition, they will be honest and tell you exactly what you are getting for your money.  When you arrive for your training workshop to learn the skill of:- 

 I want you to 100% confident that you have chosen the right course and you are ready to have fun and learn..  Take time to read the customer reviews on this page. 

Why choose Precious Memories?

 Founded in 2004, I have over 16+ years experience. I have perfected the art to create each of the keepsake. Learnt all the tricks of the trade. I also and maintain fabulous relationships with my suppliers. Students reap the benefits of this. Once you leave, at any point be it one week or even 1 year on if you need my support with I will be there for you. Having trained people all over the UK including, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Moreover, I have also had many travel from overseas from countries such as India, Nowary and Germany. This is testament that you are getting the best training there is. In addition, you will leave with all the knowledge and skills required to run your own enterprise. 

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Ping from Norway Customer Review on Training Workshops

Ping travelled from Norway to attend various workshops.  Read first hand what she though of:-

3D Casting Training

2D Impression Training

Caroline from Bristol Client testimonial on 3D Casting Training



Trisha travelled 8,000 miles from India to attend the 3D Casting, 3D Family Casting and 2D Impressions Training Courses

“Had superb training for 3D, 2D and family casting. I am glad I chose Precious Memories than any other training institutions. I could learn the technique and could practice on some amazing baby clients. I had travelled overseas from India and by the end of training I feel that all the efforts involved to travel so long were worth it. Glenda is an amazing person and a perfect teacher. I just loved being trained from her. I am excited to start something of my own soon and make my teacher glad by my work.”
TrishaNew Dehli, India
I came from Germany to do a 1 week training workshop with Glenda. It was such a great experience I learnt 3D Castings including Family ones, 2D Impressions and Silver Jewellery. It was amazing and exhausting but well worth the travel! I have learned alot.
It was a pleasure meeting you too and for the warm welcome. It was a great, full oexciting new things to learn instead of playing around with numbers. You are a professional and care about your work! I will definitely be back for more
I visited Glenda all the way from Tanzania in february 2020. The casting course and Glenda was amazing, she made sure i knew everything before I left ! A very nice lady and her family has been amazing too. Very welcoming. Glenda made sure I was comfortable and understood everything throughout my course.
She helped me from my visa application to everything I needed in the UK. I would definitely recommend everyone to go to her -no matter where you live in the world!
Thank you so much.
It was a pleasue meeting you, hoping to see you soon in Tanzania.
Glenda was extremely helpful and kind when I was planning my trip to UK for the training from Norway. Despite of all my 1 million questions, she was very patient with me and provided many practical tips. I found Glenda to be very passionate about what she does. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a lifecasting trainer. After completing the 2d and 3d casting course. I came back to the UK in 2020 and completed the half day 3d family casting course too. Well worth the travel!


3d baby casting training client review with Kerry from Scotland
Kerry travelled from Scotland to attend the 3D Casting and 2D Impresions Training Workshops

A wealth of knowledge, imparted in a lovely, friendly way.
I travelled down to meet Glenda for my two day, 3D casting training workshop. She welcomed me into her home, allowed me to meet her beautiful family. Glenda taught me everything I needed to know about 3D casting. She made me feel confident and proud of the work I was creating. Excellent hints and tips for my new business venture based on her own errors and experiences. I found beneficial and priceless. I can’t thank her enough for her support then and now.
A year, later I returned to Glenda to attend the 2D workshop. I can offer my clients a variety of keepsakes and the training was brilliant – thank you.
Rhona Scotland
I travelled from Manchester to complete a 2d and 3d casting course. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in doing the courses. At first I was nervous, but Glenda was lovely and put me at ease straight away. The course content is fantastic.. You ston’t get that level of knowledge and hands on experience by doing an online course. Glenda is very open and approachable. If there’s anything you’re unsure of ask and she’ll go over it with you again. The kits are great – particularly the suppliers list! Afterwards, Glenda is only on the end of a phone or an email away if you have any questions. Thank you Glenda for all your help and your wonderful teaching!
Trained with Glenda back in October last year, extremely helpful and made me feel so welcome. Covered everything that I asked and have now set up ready to go myself! So although I was extremely nervous she made me feel so at ease. Highly highly recommend without hesitation. Ongoing support is brilliant too.
Met with a friendly warm smile put me at ease immediately. It sounds weird being told I want you to make mistakes (not hard on my part lol) but I now understand …. Online don’t show you those parts. I do best with hands-on show me. For me this course was exactly what I needed.
My first two days were 3D Casting. The third day was 2D Impressions. I got to meet such a lot of adorable babies and I thank all the parents who let me loose on them. Also got to practice on Phoebe, Glenda’s rescue dog.
Day four was the half day family casting workshop. Again I got to practice on two lovely little ladiess who were perfect models.
It was another long journey home to Scotland and I fell into bed that night exhausted. Anyone thinking about this my words would be the journey was worth the outcome.
Glenda gave me details of places to keep the kids entertained with my husband while I attended 5 days of training … I loved every part of it, there is nothing that she doesn’t cover. She has taught me also to always believe in myself & I will achieve anything. A massive part of me was super sad to leave to travel back to Scotland. I had so much fun, lots of laughs & surprising no tears from me 😀😀. Glenda I will be forever grateful for all that you’ve taught me. Not only did you teach me all about casting but you’ve been there every step of the way afterwards. 2 weeks after the training I started my casting busines. Glenda has helped me with anything that I’ve been unsure about. You are a star & have become a fab friend 😘



customer review belly bump training with precious memories
Claire completing her belly bump casting training course

This one day course was fabulous -I don’t know how I can sum it up in a few words as it was packed with fun and facts from the moment I arrived. The model who came was put at ease straight away by Glenda – she made it look so easy – but this didn’t intimidate me – it just made me feel even more confident as i learnt the art of mod roc belly bump casting. The infomation Glenda gives you on how to run your business is invaluale – and certainly makes you appreciate you get your money’s worth for this course!
Claire- East Midlands
Alongside offering 2d Impressions(training received y Glenda) she also advised me that at some point it might be worth considering offering belly bump castings. Glenda’s input is invaluable and I love how she inspires you to just HAVE A GO! Highly recommend this lady!
Nicolafrom Norfolk
It was a great day in 2018 – full of exciting new things to learn instead of playing around with numbers. You are a professional and care about your work! I will definitely be back for more. Give my regards to Jen, she was awesome.”
As with all my training, once they leave that is not the end of it. Christina goes on to say “The aftercare is just as important if not more important to me. Since I have been back in Cyprus I have spoken several times with Glenda. One of the key elements I have struggled with is the plaster drying out so quickly in the heat. After lots of discussion guided by Glenda, we finally mastered it. I am delighted to say I have now seen a client and created my first belly bump”.
I have been so impressed with Glenda I am returning to the UK in 2019 to learn 3D Casting training.********
Christinafrom Cyprus




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