Family 3D Casting Training Course

Fancy learning advanced techniques for 3D Castings. Attend our family 3d casting workshop. Over 16 years experience training students from the UK and overseas. Glenda will take you through every step working in a fun and friendly environment. One to one teaching in a purpose built studio in Poole, Dorset.
3D Casting Training Studio Precious Memoires

Family 3D Casting Workshop

 Cost – £450 (half day) – refreshments included

Location – Poole, Dorset

3d family casting training course in poole

Expand your keepsake portfolio

If you enjoyed your baby 3d training then you may wish to expand your skills and portfolio. This could include the family 3d casting workshop.  the 3D Family Keepsake is a popular product. 
To do this course it would be in your interest to complete the baby hand casting training with Glenda. This is the next stage up and you do need prior knowledge on how to create 3d baby hand and feet casts.
This half day workshop will show you the following stages:-
– how to prepare and
– how to create and complete a family handclasp.
These are great fun and popular with families.

What is covered in the 3d Family Training Workhop?

Step by step you will cover all the different stages to create a family handcasting.
For the family 3d hand castings you need more time and skill to create than the handclasps. This is why I offer a half day course to ensure you learn all the aspects to create beautiful masterpieces.
This particular pose is is an alternative to the handclasp. In the images below:- two siblings who have now left home and gone to university.
Sibling Brother and Sister 3D Family Hand Casting

You can then move to 3, 4, 5, 6 arms linking.  These pieces look stunning on wall.

Various handcastings created by myself and students who have attended my family handcasting training workshops.

my student Caroline based in Bristol created this 3d family handcasting
Family casting handcast
Fully equipped studio with sample 3D Family Hand Casting
another Family 3d handcasting created by my student Caroline based in Bristol
stunning work by my student Kerry based in Scotland

The family 3d handcastings also make a statement piece when placed on a shelf – as show below.

As with all of the training offered.  It is entirely your choice when you choose to do the training.  For some, learning the initial art of 3D Castings and returning at a later date to do the family castings is appealing.  However, if you are travelling some distance to attend your initial 3D Casting Training, you may wish to learn this at the same time.

What I will say is that you will have lots of fun on the day and guaranteed your clients will absolutely love the precious memories you create for them over the years to come.


If you are interested please feel free to contact Glenda on 07738165146 or email