Fingerprint Teddy Bears – In Loving Memory

Fingerprint Teddy Bears – In Loving Memory – New for 2021

Fingerprint Teddy Bears – in loving memory, a much loved addition to Precious Memories. If there is one thing Corona has taught me it is that memories are key.  Playground crazes have come and gone but the humble teddy is still a much loved possession.
Most children will choose to cling to their bear at night,  just like we did as youngsters.  For me, growing up I had my favourite bear and I still have it.  A hug means even more these days too especially if they have lost a loved one.  Dad, Mum, Brother, Sister or Grandparent has passed.  This bear can act as a reminder of the bond of love that your child had with them.
The Teddy Bears are available in two colours Beige or Chocolate.  These fingerprint memory teddy bears are super special.  One one pad you can have your loved one’s fingeprint placed on to it.  The other pad can remain blank or you can customise it with a special message
Fingerprint pad on memory bear at precious memories 3d casting studio in poole dorset

Do I need to live in Dorset to order a Bear?

The simple answer to this is no.  They can be ordered from anywhere. 

What size are the Teddy Bears?

The bears are 8 inches when sat upright.

How do I order a Fingerprint Teddy Bear – In Loving Memory ?

Ordering a fingerprint memory teddy bear is very simple.  All you need to do is provide a fingerprint and you can leave the rest to Glenda.  If you are unsure of how to do this then get in touch and Glenda will give you the best advice.

How much do the Fingerprint Memory Teddy Bears cost?

The price for one of the memory teddy bears is £70 plus postage if not local.  You can have a fingerprint on one pad and wording on the other.

Contact Details

Given the nature of the order if it is easier to email I understand.  Althernatively I can speak to a funeral director or someone at the hospital you are dealing with.

Call Glenda on 07738165146