3D Casts in Hallmarked Sterling Silver

Hallmarked Sterling Silver Castings

“The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.”

3D Casts in Hallmarked Sterling Silver castings truly define a luxurious keepsake.   They are great heirloom to pass down to families over the years to come.  This cast is the ultimate luxury keepsake preserved in perfect detail forever.

Prices upon application due to the nature of silver

How do you create 3D in Hallmarked Sterling Silver?

 All 3D Casts are initially created in plaster.  They need to be of a very high standard.   If you are not able to come to the studio in Poole this is not a problem.
Plaster casts can be posted to Glenda.  But, please ensure that they are of a very high standard.  If you are unsure please get in touch.
3D Casts in Hallmarked Sterling Silver

Price of Hallmarked Sterlng Silver Casts

The price of 3D Casts is difficult to state at the time of an enquiry.  This is due to the fluctutation of silver.  I am cheaper than London, as clients based there often send me their plaster casts. 

Deceased client 3d Hand Cast in Hallmarked Sterling Silver

Sadly, not all of the 3D Casts I create are

Contact Details

Price is upon application.  This is due to the fluctuation price of silver.

For further information email info@precious-memories.co.uk or call 07738165146

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