How to Create Precious Memories during Covid-19

Life is not as we know it.

I awake to another day of the unknown.  The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic has created a new set of rules.  Consequently, my daily exercise around eerie streets is the norm.  Clock set for five o’clock each day to hear the latest update from the government.  In these unprecendented times life is somewhat surreal and we have no idea how long this will carry on.  Will we get to go on holiday again ?  As a family, we love the beach.  How do we create precious memories during Covid-19?

As i try to remain positive and not look at too much on social media, a post from a friend struck me about Covid 19 and prompted me to write this blog.

No visitors, No goodbyes - Covid 19 takes that away

My friend begins with:-
 Have been considering whether to post this all day. I’m not doing it now for attention so please NO sympathy.  Moreover, I’m posting this so my family, loved ones, friends and can understand this situation.
Yes, I have been taking social distancing measures. Staying at home, but yesterday was taken in an ambulance to hospital with suspected Covid 19. Therefore, I was advised to say goodbye to my husband and children from a safe distance. This was in case I didn’t see them again for at least 2 weeks.
The paramedics took wonderful care of me. When I got to the hospital the nurses and doctors were brilliant too. When I was stable enough I went to an empty ward, in a side room, on my own completely shut off from everyone.  2020 Caronavirus Pandemic was real!
If any nurse or doctor entered the room they wore full gowns. I had to wear a face mask at all times, I was not allowed to leave that room for ANY reason! At one point they came in to ask the names and phone numbers of my next of kin. If I went downhill or if I was critical then that would be the only way to inform them that something had happened. Worse still, that I had passed away. If you or someone you love are dying of Covid 19 there are no visitors, no goodbyes, nothing.
hand and footprint - how to create precious memories

Please continue to Help the NHS

If your child becomes unwell with Covid 19 the same goes for them too, off in an ambulance, to a hospital, in a room, alone! Let that just sink in for a moment people. I’ve had all day to ponder this and I have to say it’s hit me hard!!!
Stay in if you can. Please help our NHS. Please protect your family, children and friends. Please appreciate the people who have no choice but to go out there and do a job, but if you don’t HAVE to then don’t do it!  This 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic is real!
I’m very poorly but I have been discharged because it’s too risky to stay in hospital. They desperately need the beds. Consequently, I’m home with medication and my little family. I’m ok and my results have come through negative for Covid 19. So again I don’t want sympathy but remember, this thing isn’t a joke and it’s not messing around or taking any prisoners. Stay safe, stay well and do the right thing. Spread the love not the Covid

"Sometimes you will never now the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory

How to create precious memories during Covid-19

For 16 years I have created precious memories for many families.  For some they are celebrating births, weddings, anniversaries. For others it is mourning the loss of a loved one.  Consequently, I have seen many a tear shed by my clients.  This morning I work to an email from a Doctor which read…..
 “Hello, I work as a Doctor in the Specialist Palliative care Team in Belfast.   Currently, I am in preparation phase for the COVID 19 pandemic.  Consequently, I am all too aware of the importance of memory making for our palliative patients. As well as those who will not get to be present at the bedsides of their loved ones.
The reason I am writing to you is about the possibility of sourcing kits to enable fingerprint jewellery. Also, the consideration about how it can be handled at the other end, so we can prevent viral transmission?
As a company is this something that you are looking at or are able to provide me any information on?
Many thanks
Dr C”

Inkless Wipe Fingerprint Kits

fingerprint using inkless wipe kit
Fingerprint taken using inkless wipe kit and then tidied up. Three silver oval charms created.
Knowing how to create precious memories during Covid-19 has never been so important.
I responded to the Doctor informing of the following:-
  • inkless wipe fingerprint kits are very simple to use. 
  • Clients world-wide have used them. 
  • The kit comes with simple instructions. 
  • They are very safe – so there is no chance of spreading Covid-19
  • They can be shipped directly to the relevant person.  In this case to  the hosptial in Belfast.

Creating Precious Memories during the Coronavirus

Both the facebook statement by my friend and email from the doctor struck a chord with me.   At this moment in time, there will be people alone dying of this.  Their family members unable to say goodbye.  As a result, people risking their lives to save lives.  Fill our supermarket shelves.  Deliver our goods.  I can’t even begin to imagine what they are all going through.  I can continue to do my bit and provide kits. These can then be used at a later date to create some incredibly precious memories in the weeks to come. 

If you experience the loss of a loved one, human or pet during Covid-19 I can help.  The kits contain a wipe in a sealed packet. You can take handprints, footprints and fingerprint of humans.  Pawprints of pets.  Or if you have a piece of handwriting on a card scan it to me.
silver fingerprint jewellery during Covid-19

We are in this together

So let’s try to remember that we all process things differently.

Some people will hold it together until this is over and then crumble.  That’s ok too.

Other people are falling apart right now and thats OK.

For others, they will not know how this has affected them for a long time.

It’s all OK – we are all different and we are all just doing the best we can.

Here to help

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Work as a GP?  Are a funeral director?  Work as a nurse?  Have a family member in hospital with Covid 19 – please let me help you!

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