Jennifer from Germany 3D Hand Casting Workshop with baby model


Jennifer travelled thousands of miles to attend several of my workshops over a period of one week.   Jennifer is just one of a growing number of mums who have had children and are at a crossroads in their life of knowing what to do.  Statistics show that more and more people are starting up businesses. Whether it’s rising childcare costs, a great idea or inflexible employers many of those budding entrepreneurs are mums. source:- MetroUK  

The beauty of my training workshops is that you learn some unique skills which can be used to run your own keepsake business both in the UK and overseas.  Due to the distance, Jennifer opted to do a lot of the training and began learning the skills to create Silver jewellery.  Who doesn’t like the idea of wearing their own child’s hand, foot or fingerprint on a piece of jewellery close to their heart?

The next part of the training involved the 3d Castings training.  In the UK this is the most popular training workshop.  Over the years it has been adapted and runs over a period of two days.  Some may question why the two when others offer it for just one day.  Having created 3d castings for nearly 15 years now I have a wealth of knowledge which is passed on to the person when they train.  I further believe that the more hands on they can be when they attend the better, so have babies visit the studio of various ages – to give them a real life experience.


The next part of the training involves 2D Training  This is an excellent compliment to the 3D Training and is particularly popular if you want to target the pet market. In particular, dogs, cats, rabbits and horses.

The last part of the training involved Jennifer learning how to create family castings.  These again are very popular in the United Kingdom, so it will be interesting to see if they are in Germany too.

Family casting handcast

Jennifer was a brilliant student and asked lots of questions throughout the training.  She got involved in all aspects very quickly, making full use of both my time and her own.  When Jennifer completed the workshops she took back the full starter kit for the jewellery.  I adapted the 3d and 2d due to the weight she was allowed to carry.  Since returning Jennifer has been in touch and has had difficulty locating a supplier for some of her materials  but, due to buying my starter kit she had full access to my supplies and has since used them.  Jennifer also took some time out to write a review giving me 5 out 5, which is a fantastic.  I am looking forward to seeing how Jennifer develops and grows in Germany with her new found skills.

If like Jennifer you are at a cross-roads and thinking about a new career why not contact Glenda for an informal chat on 07738165146 or email 

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