3D Baby Handcastings in Miniature

3D Baby Handcastings and Feetcasting in Miniature

Our 3D Baby Handcastings in miniature are the ultimate in luxury.  Client’s can’t believe their eyes when they see the original size cast reduced to the size of a charm. 

"People have a real love of looking at small worlds - something inside them is innately attracted to that 'miniature' realm."

3D Baby Handcastings in Miniature

3D Casts in Hallmarked Sterling Silver

Process for 3D Baby HandCastings in Miniature

Using the original plaster handclasp, hand, foot or paw, various intricate stages take place, it may take a few weeks longer than normal casts to create your final piece, but clients say it really is worth the wait.  So if you are looking for something a little different, maybe a family heirloom, then this may be what you are looking for. 

Do I have to live in Poole to have Miniature Casts created?

As long as you are able to send high quality plaster casts we can do the rest.

How much do 3D Miniature Casts Cost?

Price upon application.

Contact Details for 3D Miniature Casts

If you are interested please email info@preciousmemories.co.uk or call 07738 165146

2d hand and foot impressions

What happens to the original Casts?

Once the miniature casts are complete you can showcase the original casts.

Due to the nature of the plaster being fragile we would recommend placing in a frame.

We offer various colours for the casts and frames to compliment.

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