New career post lockdown

Looking for a new career post lockdown?

I have been running Precious Memories now for 16 years.  Before this I trained to be a primary school teacher and have also worked in London as a Marketing Manager.  When I started the business I needed it to fit in with my family.  As a result, it has been incredbily rewarding and I have no regrets.  Setting my own hours.  Working from home.  Meeting some amazing people on the way.  Creating precious memories of humans and pets.  With Covid they are even more precious at the moment.  Moreover, I firmly believe the keepsake industry will continue to grow.  Learning the skills to run your own craft business is a sound option.  In conclusion, a great new career post lockdown.

looking for a new career post lockdown?

Would you like a new career with no limits on how much you earn?

I want to take you from wherever you are now to a position of clarity, confidence and purpose in you own unique value.  Help you tap into your infinite skills to craft a life. Indeed, a business that brings you deep fulfilment, success and joy.   The world is currently very surreal!  Consequently, are you sat thinking about a new career post lockdown? 
life after covid 19 with precious memories

Run business which will stand the test of time!

Love the idea of working from home? Moreover, a job where you can have some fun creating precious memories for families.  Schedules to meet your ever changing family needs and demands? A keepsake business will give you the confidence to grow.  Reassuance of a good sound income – sound good?

Boris Johnson become a daddy again!

During these unprecedented times.  Birth announcements are always welcome.  Indeed, we welcomed the news of our own Prime Minister Boris Johnson become a daddy again.  In addtition, there are also rumors we could see a baby boom in September 2020.  Consequently, this is welcome news to me and my business.  There is never a shortage of babies being born and this bodes well with my industry.

baby boom after Covid 19

Baby boom will increase value to your business

With talk of a baby boom – I do think the demand for keepsakes will rise around the world!  My dilemma – I can’t be in two places at the same time!  So to overcome this, I am calling out to say – there could be light at the end of this for you.  Take a look at my training courses.  In addition, you have a choice of various options including:-

Do I need to be creative to start a keepsake business?

You do not need a degree in Art to run a keepsake business. The training whilst in-depth is also lots of fun! You leave with a burning desire to get going and this passion grows through the days that follows.  I go through each part step by step at a pace that suits you. This is why the training is always one-to-one. The notes provided alongside are very detailed too. I will guide you all the way. When you leave the training rest assured you are not forgotten. In addition, anything training related and I am there to help you every step of the way!
new career post furlough

Ideal qualities to run a keepsake company post lockdown.

First and foremost – be yourself! 
Other attributes:-
  •  desire
  • confidence
  • determination
  • enjoy working with babies
  • pets too if you like them!
Train with a company you are confident using

For further reassurance take a look at some of the reviews!  Conversely, they are from students I have trained both in the UK including Scotland, Wales and Ireland.  Similarly, international Students from Tanzania, India, Germany, Denmark and Norway.  To name a few.

3D Casting Training Studio Precious Memoires

Unsure of your future post lockdown.

  •  Are you unsure if you will have a job or a viable business?
  •  Wanting to rethink where to focus your time and energy to live a more purposeful and fulfilling life?
These are normal concerns for all of us right now.  Every day we are reminded of the fragility of life.  None of us know how many tomorrows we have.  Moreover, this is the perfect time to press pause.  Most of us have been gifted some time to step back from our busy routines.  The many demands of that are constantly vying for our attention – which are not so important right now!  This precious time gives us all the chance to re-evaluate where we want to focus our time and energy. Consequently, to live a life that is more purposeful and fulfilling.  So why not create them?

Is there a good career to do post lockdown?

Life after Covid 19 – what will yours look like?  Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic has put millions of UK jobs at risk. Companies struggle to cope with the financial strain created by the shutdown.  The UKHospitality group, estimates more than 1 million jobs are on the line.  In addtion, this has resulted in a growing number of casualties. Businesses that were struggling before the coronavirus outbreak have suffered most so far. Sadly, it has become a norm over the past couple of weeks to hear that more people are losing their jobs. 
  • British Airways
  • John Lewis
  • Debenhams
  • Carluccios
  • Virgin
  • Oasis

Have you lost your job?

Are living day to day with worry! Facing the prospect of redundancy?  Wondering what working life after Covid 19 will be? Could this be an opportunity to reconsider your career and talents?

Testiomonials about Training Courses with Precious Memories

I am a firm believer the word of mouth is key!  Have a read of some of my client testimonials about the training workshops.  Read here….   

Ping, was a student who travelled from Norway.  Hear first hand what she thought too.  Read here….

So where do you start this process?

In conclusion, I am a great believer that two heads are always better than one – so if you fancy a no-obligation chat feel free to give me a call on:-


or for more details email

thank you and stay safe!