silver circle fingerprint of your child cufflinks

Silver Cufflinks

Silver Cufflinks – £125 a pair


Why would I order personalised silver fingerprint cufflinks from Precious Memories?

Every piece of jewellery is handcrafted to a high standard using 99.9% pure silver.
If you can visit the stuio in Poole the prints can be taken. This is not always possible so you can use one one of the kits.  The kits are very simple to use and come with instructions.
For every piece of jewellery created we make a stamp of your print. This is then held on file, so re-ordering items at a later date using your original print has never been easier.

Silver Fingerprint Cuflinks

We recommend all our fingerprint products are created from a child or children who are 2 years and over. This is due to their print not being fully formed. But, we are happy to create from prints under 2 years, a disclaimer form will need to be signed.

Fingerprint Kits

The Putty Kit can be used to create prints that are imprinted in to the silver.  Image below of cufflinks shows the effect.

silver circle fingerprint of your child cufflinks
Personalised Circle Silver Fingerprint Cufflinks

Fingeprints using the inkless wipe kits

Image below shows print from inkless wipe.  Image tidied up.  Final image on oval charms fingerprint is raised.

fingerprint using inkless wipe kit

Hand and Footprint Cufflinks

Hand and footprint cufflinks can be created from the moment your baby is born using the Inkless Wipe Kit.

Square baby hand and baby footprint silver cufflinks

Children’s Drawing or Writing Cufflinks

These are very popular and simple to order.  Simply send a scanned imaged (ideally black and white) of the drawing or writing you wish to have created into cufflinks and we will do the rest.

Square child's handwriting and drawing cufflinks gift for daddy

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