deceased pet paw print in frame with photograph using inkless wipe kit

Loss of beloved pet turned into precious print keepsake

Pet Paw Prints Framed

I own dogs.  So I know, the loss of a beloved pet is very distressing.  I can help ease the pain.  Your paw prints can be turned in to a precious print keepsake. 

Pet print keepsakes are a great reminder over the years to come of your beloved pet dog or cat.


How are the pet paw print frames created?

The process is very simple, quick and mess-free.  You can either pop along to the studio with your pet or have a go yourself.  The print does not have to be perfect.. Please do not worry. Do lots of them. The studio can tidy them up before they are put in a frame. To make the frame even more special add your favourite photograph.
Tilly dog paw print in a frame using an inkless wipe kit

Pet Paw Print Jewellery

Once you have created a paw print you could use it to also have a piece of jewellery created.  The image below highlights this. Willow who had passed away and it was a terrible shock for the client . Willow’s pawprint was placed in a wooden frame along with a beautiful photograph.  The same print was then used to create a silver heart paw print charm.  Sadly, the loss of a beloved pet is very hard at times.  A piece of a jewellery is a lovely reminder of your companion.
pet paw print in a wood frame using inkless wipe
deceased pet paw print in a frame using inkless wipe wood with pawprint silver heart charm
loss of a beloved pet pawprint silver charm

Can you use a print done by my vet?

Vets are great.  People who work there understand the loss of a beloved pet is painful.  They often take prints for you.  Prints can be used to create your jewellery.  Often you would need to scan the print to us.

Kit to create a keepsake for loss of beloved pet

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