Precious Memories gives rescue dog paw casting a new home

I grew up with dogs being a big part of the family and when I got married in 2001 within two weeks I had a West Highland Terrier puppy called Crumble and a German Shepherd puppy called Legend.   However, whilst Crumble was still around I was approached by a lady asking if I would consider taking on a rescue dog – not something I had considered.  However, I started to read up on the facts about rescue dogs, it really opened my eyes to how hard rescue centres really do work.

According to the RSPCA “On average every 30 seconds someone in England and Wales dials 0300 1234 999 – the RSPCA’s 24-hour cruelty line – for help. In 2014 we received 1,299,163 phone calls“.

There are so many dogs looking for a new home – I wish I could take them all but sadly this is not possible. After seeing a photo of Phoebe’s face and hearing her story I knew it was meant to be. So three and a half hours drive to Wales with my girls, we met Fionna who runs Lizzies Barn . Clearly very passionate about her work and loving all the dogs she does an amazing job and everything she does is through money that has been donated. I only had to pay £185 for Phoebe, which is a really small amount given how much Shih Tzu dogs are normally. Phoebe was incredibly nervous and had a three and a half hour journey back to Poole in Dorset with myself and the girls. Phoebe met Crumble and she has lived with us since March 2015. It is a very rewarding thing to do especially to see the trust grow and her real personality coming out.

Being in the fortunate position of creating pet prints after taking on a rescue dog, I see things from a whole new perspective and creating pet prints, especially for rescue dogs is a real honour. I also wanted to create something very special to mark the arrival of Phoebe, so a new style solid bronze paw paperweight was born and I love it!


Pets are like children they bring so much life into a home and I meet quite a few who sadly loose their pet to a sudden illness or just old age.

Being able to capture the paw prints in a way to enable the owners to continue to appreciate what they had is a real honour and does go to show that a dog really is for life.