Framed Hand & Footprint Impressions : Framed Imprints of Hands and Feet (or Paws!)

Capture your Baby Hand Prints (or your Pets Paw Prints) in Displayed in Stunning Frames

Your unique baby foot prints framed

Precious Memories original 2D impressions of a hand and foot (or pet paws!) are cast using our extra soft clay and then set in a stunning and unique frame. The casting process is simple and safe. We use soft natural clay to capture the impression. As such, this creates a raised 2D imprint with all the detail of your babies hand that we can set in a frame.

Babies hand and feet are adorably tiny, delicate and innocent. Capture that innocence with a unique baby footprint or handprint. Above all, this process captures the unique detail of each print. Providing a treasured memory of the time when your little one was so small.

Our unique technique has evolved based on over 15 years of experience. This ensures we capture the detailed highlights of your child’s handprint or footprint. If preferred, we mount these in a box-frame of your choice. They look best when accompanied with a photograph of your child.

Framed Handprint and Footprint Impressions – Options & Choices

Imprints can be made using any combination of hands, feet (or pet paws!). They can also include brothers, sisters or the whole family on the same piece of clay.

There is a huge range colours and hardwood frames. Plus, you can have your favourite photo set in the frame too. Capture those Precious Memories forever.

You can select from a very wide range of combinations. These are available to see in our dedicated studio. As a result, this will enable you to ensure your keepsake is both individual and unique. Plus, it will also fit perfectly in your home.

Framed handprints and footprints. A really special baby gift to treasure forever.