Belly Bump Castings

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Mod-Roc Belly Bump Training Course

Belly Bump Training Course

Fancy learning how to create Mod-Roc Belly Bump Castings? With over 15 years experience training students from the UK and overseas, Fancy learning how to create Mod-Roc Belly Bump Castings? Trainer has over 16 years experience training students from the UK and overseas. Glenda will take you through every step working with real models. Training in a fun and friendly environment. One to one teaching in a purpose built studio in Poole, Dorset.

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Pregnancy Bump Castings


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Often when you have your baby you forget how big your bump was.  A mod-roc or alginate bump casting is a great reminder.  The initial home created for your newborn.  The Castings can be created in mod-roc bandage or alginate to free-stand or hang on a wall. With the option of two materials the choices are endless.  Often budget is a key factor so if you are not sure contact us. Mod-Roc Bandage belly bump castings start from £45.   For a more luxurious belly bump casting using alginate starts from £300.

Baby Belly Bump Castings Trends

Over the years the trend for baby belly bump castings has changed.  In the past, they were often hung on the wall.  These days, there has been a huge increase in baby belly bump casting bowls.  First stage uses mod roc bandage.  Plaster then added to reinforce and create a stronger bowl.  A reinforcing material is also used.  A prep layer is also used to showcase paint or another material as per the example below.
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With 16 years experience creating keepsakes Glenda is an expert in this field. You can rest assure the training is fantastic.  All training is one-to-one at the studio in Poole, Dorset.  Working on preganant mums you get to create at least two castings.  Sample baby belly bump castings are then taken back to showcase in your own studio..  Learning all the do’s and dont’s is really important.   This experience is worth it’s weight in gold.  It is very hands on in a fun and relaxed environment.
Students have travelled from all over the UK to learn the skills.  This includes Scotland, Wales and Ireland.  Moreover, international students have come from places such as Cyprus.  This highlights how good Glenda is. 


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If you are interested in having a baby belly bump casting created Call Glenda on 07738165146