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Who are Precious Memories?


Hi and welcome to my business.
My name is Glenda and I set Precious Memories up 16+ years ago and have never looked back. 
I also have a background in recruitment, marketing and primary school teaching. In 2003, when I became pregnant with my first daughter I realised I wanted to continue working. I soon became frustrated as I was unable to find something that would accommodate me. I had a brain and wanted to continue using it. In addition, I wanted to be part of those important milestones of my daughter growing up! Moreover, I did not want to feel guilty if she was ill and soon realised there was not much out there for me! Just to add to things – the fact my husband also worked awy from home meant I needed to be around. So Precious Memories was born! In 2007, my second daughter was born and the business continued to grow.
3d baby hand and feet castings in sold bronze

Creating keepsakes by the sea

Seven years ago we were very lucky to re-locate to Dorset. I love to take advantage of the beaches, where I can walk my two dogs as well as spend time with my family.
This business has enabled me to meet some amazing clients.  Even after 16 years i still love it. 
This business is recession proof which is great. Over the past couple of years the training has grown from strength to strength.  People travel to the workshops from all over the world – that is an honour!
3d casting process

What does the company do?

Founded in 2004,  Precious Memories has run for 16+ years and I have gained a wealth of experience in this field.  Moreover, the following products are all available at one of the workshops.

All products cater for humans and pets – so often the hardest decision is what to choose. if you can pop along to the studio, thre is a variety of samples displaye

3D Casting Training Studio Precious Memoires

Training Workshop Courses for Keepsakes

For several years I have run training courses and business support. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who is keen to start up a keepsake company. 

Students travel from as far as India, Cyprus, Norway, Germany – to name a few to the workshops. This highlights how trusted and valued my skills have become.

2D Training Workshop
3d cast keepsake the process

How Can I get in touch?

If you have a product in mind or considering a workshop.

Call (07738165146)