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Welcome to the Precious Memories Blog about the professional training courses on 3D Castings, 2D Impressions, Belly Bump Castings and Silver Fingerprint Jewellery.

Work at home mum has run Precious Memories for 16 years.  In that time she has gained a wealth of experience.  Running her own business.  Social Media skills.  Training pupils from the UK including Scotand, Wales and Ireland.  As well as Internationl students from India, Norway and Germany to name a few.

With such a wealth of experience Glenda shares her business tips with you.

Learn about the latest charity cause we have been raising funds for and which celebs have helped on the way!

Always sourcing hot topics relating to our pets and family.  Moreover, mum’s and their dilemmas with work, health, babies and finance.

2D Impressions Baby Hand Tile in Clay and Plaster Rose Pink

Precious Photo Packages – 2D Impressions

Baby Hand Tile and Foot Tile with Photo Precious Memories have teamed up with local photographer Samantha Prewett based in Poole. Together we are offering to offer you a very unique keepsake. This precious photo package and 2d impressions combination looks stunning.  We will create a 2d tile of those

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Precious Photo Packages 3D Castings

3D Casts and Photo Packages – Prices start from £210 After running the business for 16 years it has always been important to work and support locally. Many clients like the idea of having 3D casts created but do not want to use one of their own photographs. This is

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Child’s talk at work a taboo?

Do you talk about your children at work or do you feel you can’t ? Are we really in the 21st Century?  Is Child’s Talk at Work really a taboo? Reading a recent article by the BBC titled “Is it a mistake to talk about your children at work”intrigued me so I

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Casting Kits, DIY or a Professional Job?

Why spend more use a casting company when Casting kits are cheaper?  Casting Kits – thumbs up or thumbs down?  All too often we see clients who tell us of the issues they have faced when using Casting kits. Stressful times when they try to capture that special memory of

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Cast away the feeling of being trapped

Recognising people want to work from home. So many parents, in particular women, are finding it harder in the UK to maintain a full time job. One of the reasons is because of rising child care costs. This has been echoed today by the Guardian with a feature titled Want to

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From New Dehli for Casting Training

Student travels from India learns how to create 3D Castings The start of 2018 was an exciting time at the studio here in Lytchett Matravers, Dorset. Trisha would be my first student travelling from India. Trisha was going to be travelling over 8,000 to the studio from New Dehli, India.

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Jennifer from Germany 3D Hand Casting Workshop with baby model


Student travels from Germany to attend 3D Casting Workshop  Jennifer travelled thousands of miles from Germany why? To attend several of my workshops over a period of one week. Jennifer is one of a growing number of mums who have had children. She then faced crossroads in her life of

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