Silver Fingerprint Dog Tags

Silver Fingerprint Dog Tag

What are my options for a silver fingerprint dog tag?

We offer two styles of silver fingerprint dog tag.  Outprints using the inkless wipe kits.  Inprints using the putty kit.
For both styles a stamp is made and kept on file.  This means that if you wish to order any further copies at a later date using the stamp. Furthermore, the stamps are also an insurance in the event your lose your dog tag.  Again, using the stamp to re-create your original dog tag.

Outprint fingerprints dog tag charm

dog tag fingerprint charm memorial jewellery

Imprint fingerprints dog tag on ball chain

Silver Fingerprint Jewellery Training Course
Silver dog tag with sibling fingerprints created for a Father's day Gfit

Child’s drawing created in to a keyring

childs drawing charm into a keyring
Silver dog tag with siblings drawings created for a gift for daddy

Dog Tags for Women

hand and foot silver dog tag for dad
Slimmer style adapted for a women's dog tag complimented with sterling silver snake chain

How much do dog tags cost?

Small Dog Tag

will only fit one print – £60

Medium Dog Tag

one print – £70

two prints – £80

Large Dog Tag

one print – £90

two prints – £110

three prints – £120

Sizes Available for Dog Tags


Sizes are approximate in cms:-

Small –2 x 1.3

Medium – 2.5 x 1.5

Large -3 x 2

How do I order a silver dog tag?

Each piece has been carefully handcrafted to a high standard using 99.9% pure silver.

Visit the studio in Poole, Dorset to see samples.  If you are not able to do this use one of our kits.

For every piece of jewellery created we make a stamp of your print. This is then held on file, so re-ordering items at a later date has never been easier.

Send your print to the studio with full payment as soon as you can.  It takes approximately 2-3 weeks to complete the order.

Dog Tags, although predominantly created for men can be made for women too, the style tends to be a slimmer dog tag.

Accessories for silver jewellery

Accessories that go with the charms eg, keyrings, ball chain or snake chain necklaces are at an extra cost.
We try and accommodate where we can.  So if you have seen an idea and need further help feel free to get in touch.
Call 07738165146 or email