Silver Fingerprint Charm Kits

Silver Fingerprint Charm Kits

What is in a silver fingerprint kit?

If you are not able to travel to the studio here in Poole, Dorset to get your fingerprint charm created then all is not lost.  Our silver fingerprint kit is very simple to use as many times as you need to create a fingeprint impression.

In-print or out-print Kits

Over time the type of fingerprint charm offered has developed.  The result is that you now have an option of either an inprint or an outprint.

The inprint kit includes the following:-

  • detailed step by step instructions
  • two tins containing black putty which you need to soften to take the print.  
  • if you are not happy with the first print then you simply squash the putty and take another one – so there are no worries about how long you have to do this.  
  • order form

What age do you recommend for fingerprints?

If you are using the putty kits we do recommend from the age of 2 years or above. This is because it can take this long for a print to become defined. 
Alternative could be:-
a) a toe or;
b) the other side of a finger with the nail
silver fingerprint jewellery kit using putty

How do I take a fingerprint for my charm?


To see how simple it is to use the kit watch this video

Silver Fingerprint Jewellery Inkless Wipe Kit

This kit contains:-

  • detailed instructions
  • inkless wipe
  • coated paper
Inkless wipe kit for silver fingerprint jewellery
fingerprint using inkless wipe kit

Where do I send the Fingerprint Kit?

Once you are happy with the print it you can be return it to the studio in Poole, Dorset.  Full details will be on the order form included in your kit.

What happens if I lose my charm?

When the print arrives at the studio the first step involves the creation of a stamp. This means if you lose your charm or want to order further charms at a later date we can use the stamp.

How do I order a Fingerprint Kit?

If you are interested please call 07738165146 or email