Silver Fingerprint Charms

Silver Fingerprint Charms

Creating a unique gift for a loved one is something we enjoy doing for our customers.

Precious Memories prides themselves on knowing that every piece of jewellery has been carefully handcrafted to a high standard using 99.9% pure silver.

Prints can be taken in Poole, Dorset or a kit can be sent by post and is very simple to use.

For every piece of jewellery created we make a stamp of your print. This is then held on file, so re-ordering items at a later date using your original print has never been easier.

What age can you take a print for a fingerprint charm?

We recommend from the age 0f 2 years old.  This is because the print is still defining and the outcome might  be that you only get a dent on your final piece.  This of course is absolutely fine if you are happy to do this, but we do like to point this out from on the onset.  


What size are your charms?

  • Small is 2 x 2 cms
  • Medium is 2.5 x 2.5 cms and
  • Large is 3 x 3 cms

How much do the silver fingerprint charms cost?

Small charm

One hand or foot print with an initial – £60

Medium Charm

One print with name -£75

Two prints with initials £80

Large Charm

One print with name – £90

Two prints with initials – £105

Three Prints with initials – £110

For more information cll 07738165146 or email

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