Silver Hand and Footprint charms

Silver Hand and Footprint Charms

Silver hand and footprint charms are truly precious.  Capture a very unique moment in time on a personalised piece of silver jewellery. 
Whether you have a newborn, teenager or an adult – the original size of the hand or foot is not an issue. The process requires the original print to be shrunk down. This means you can have a charm created at any age.
Every piece of our handcrafted jewellery is of a high standard using 99.9% pure silver.  Stunning gift ideas for that special person in your life.

Do you have to go to the studio in Poole?

You have two options for hand and footprint charms:-
  1. visit the studio in Poole or,
  2. an inkless wipe kit can be posted out to you.
Inkless wipe kit for silver fingerprint jewellery

What if I want more Hand and Footprint charms later?

For every piece of jewellery created we make a stamp of your print. This is then held on file, so re-ordering items at a later date using your original print has never been easier. Conversely, if you lose your charm do not worry! The stamp can be used to create a copy.


What shape hand and footprint charms can I have?

We offer a variety of shapes including:-
  • heart
  • oval and
  • teardrop.
silver hand and footprint charms

What size hand and footprint charms can I have?

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large and sometimes
  • Extra Large
The following is a guide for a standard heart.

Approximate sizes for a silver charm

  • Small is 2 x 2 cms
  • Medium is 2.5 x 2.5 cms and
  • Large is 3 x 3 cms

Small charm

One hand or foot print with an initial – £60


Medium Charm

One print with name -£75

Two prints with initials £80

Large Charm

One print with name – £90

Two prints with initials – £105

Three Prints with initials – £110

Contact Details

Charms are ideal gifts for Christmas, Christening or Mother’s Day.

If you are looking to create a baby hand or footprint charm call  07738615416

or email