Inkless wipe kit for silver jewellery

Silver Handprint and Footprint Inkless Wipe Kits

Inkless Wipe Kit to create silver charms.

If you are unable to visit the studio in Poole, Dorset then you can order one of our simple, mess free inkless wipe kits.

inkless wipe of baby hand and foot
baby hand and footprint using inkless wipe kit
baby hand and foot print using an inkless wipe kit

Are the inkless wipe kits easy to use?

The inkless wipe kits can be used by anybody and may take a little bit of practice to achieve a good print.  The beauty of them is that you do not have to get it right the first time.  You can take ample prints if you have a particularly wriggly child.

The kit comes will plenty of special coated paper and full instructions on tips on when best to take the prints.

A video has also been created to help ease any concerns you may have before you go ahead and use it.


What do I do with my prints once I have created them?

You have to options:-

  • scan and email them direct to the studio
  • send them in the post

From what age can the prints be taken?

Unlike the fingerprint jewellery prints, these can be taken from the day your baby has been born.

Also, please remember that they can also be used on older children and adults too.

client testimonial of to silver heart handprint charms
customer testiomonial from Gaynor in Poole thrilled with her handprint heart charms with her son's handwritten name on each piece to make it a truly personal birthday gift
hand and foot silver dog tag for dad
Baby handprint and footprint silver dog tag for Dad, Grandad or Uncle

What can I do with my original prints?

The original prints are always returned to the client.  This is so that you can be 100% reassured that your prints have been used and not someone elses.

If the prints are of your newborn, you may wish to put them into a baby milestone book if you are creating one.

baby with inkless wipe kit
baby with their hand and foot prints using an inkless wipe kit

How do I purchase an Inkless Wipe Kit?

You can call 07738165146 or email:- to buy an inkless wipe kit.

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