Silver Jewellery – Personal handwriting or drawings

Silver Jewellery – personal handwriting or drawings

The silver jewellery – personal handwriting or drawings are a unique gift people love.  Do you have a picture your little one has drawn stuck to the fridge with a magnet?

Over time the images will fade along with your memory of them but this doesn’t have to be the case. 

At Precious Memories we can take your favourite pictures or their handwriting and turn them into stunning keepsakes which you  will be able to cherish for years to come.

The process requires you to simply email the image to the studio and the rest is left to us.   

Do I have to live in Poole to have jewellery created?


Personalised drawing created into a keyring.

No you don’t need to be local.

All you need to do is email the image to the studio.

The image belows shows three drawings done by three children.  The images are the created into a key-ring.

childs drawing charm into a keyring

Child’s writing created into a dog tag keyring

The client lives in Indonesia and wanted a piece of handwriting done by her son caputered in silver forever.  The original image was emailed to the studio.  It was done when the client’s son was age 3 and was now 12.  The paper was disappearing before her eyes and she was worried this precious memory would be lost forever.  With guidance we discussed options and the final result was stunning.

child's handwriting created into personalised keepsake double sided dog tag charm and keyring

So if you are looking for a charm for mummy to wear on a bracelet or necklace, a pair of cufflinks or a dog tag for daddy, or a bookmark or keyring for granny or grandpa – the sky is the limit.

So for next mothers or fathers day or a special event is happening in your family – you really could make the day extra special this year with a memorable keepsake created by your child or children.  

Child’s handprint with handwritten name

client testimonial of to silver heart handprint charms

Child’s drawing created into a Christmas Decoration

Silver Cufflinks

Son & Daughter’s handwriting and drawings turned into cufflinks

Silver Charms

Child’s drawing with birthstone

Handwriting Charms

Adult Handwriting taken from a birthday card

How much does it cost to have a personalised charm or cufflinks created?

Small charms £60

2 cms x 2 cms

Medium charms £70

2.5 cms x 2.5 cms

Large charms £90

3 cms x 3 cms

Cufflinks £125

As you can see the options are endless.  They are a great compliment to the fingerprint jewellery.

How do I order some silver jewellery – handwriring or personalised drawings?

So if any of these have given you food for thought feel free to contact Glenda.

Call 07738165146