Fingerprint Jewellery in Loving Memory

Silver Fingerprint Jewellery in Loving Memory

The silver fingerprint jewellery in loving memory range also consists of:-
  • handprints
  • footprints or
  • a piece of writing.

  “Tiny Feet with Tiny Toes.  A beautiful face with a tiny nose.  Now a twinkling star shining bright. Forever at peace in eternal light”

Using an inkless wipe kit for memorial fingerprint jewellery

A family recently lost their 7 year old daughter. The funeral took place at Harbour View Crematorium. I have worked with them for a few years now. The work they do is incredible. It is an honour for them to consider me as the point of contact to create keepasakes for any family.

Key Questions when taking a memorial fingerprint

At such an emotional time, there are many questions that arise. I assure any family that once I have the the prints they do not need to worry. They can take as much time as they want before having anything created.  It is also important to note that the detail of the print will vary depending on the body.

Creation of a stamp for memorial fingerprint jewellery

Furthermore, for every print received I create a stamp. This can be for a fingerprint, handprint, footprint or footprint. Again, this gives the client reassurance that in the event a pendant is lost -and this does happen!
The original piece can be recreated using the stamp. The image below illustrates this.
Rest in Peace Amber x
Silver fingeprint jewellery - memorial jewellery

Prints taken by a funeral director

The image below was a print taken by a funeral director in Sweden.  The family then emailed the print to me to create some fingerprint jewellery in loving memory.

fingerprint using inkless wipe kit

Worried about the quality of the print?

The hosptial or funeral directors often take prints. However, if you are unsure of the quality, feel free to contact us and we will tell you if we are able to use them.
We are happy to be led by funeral directors or midwives if you feel this would be easier than speaking to us direct.  It is important to note that the detail of a print will be vary. 
Finally, we never charge full price for this particular service.

WAYNE – LOVING HUSBAND, FATHER AND SON Glenda visited Harbour View Woodland Cemetry to take a copy of Wayne's fingerprint. The print is then turned in to a stamp. Having a stamp allows several items to be made. In this case, four oval charms.   This stamp is now on file. This gives the client peace of mind. Iin the unfortunate incident that one of the charms becomes lost, a replicate can be made. The stamp acts as an insurance.

So sad, but what you do for people is amazing. Because of you I have an amazing gift. A part of my husband with me everyday on a necklace with my wedding ring and I cherish that.
runs Millys Florist in Poole


There was a time when the only thing people had of their rainbow child was a hosptial scan. Precious Memories can now create a lasting keepsake to treasure your Angel Bean.
All tht we need is a copy of the scan, the rest we will do.



Receiving a call from the local hospital from a mum, asking if I can come over that day means only one thing. Armed with the resources to take a hand and foot print I was at the hospital within 2 hours. I met a lovely couple who had recently given birth to a beautiful baby girl.
Rose was 4 days old and the machine was to turned off later that evening.  It is amazing the strength people have at a time like this. The two of them were so strong and I had deep admiration that they had the ability to organise this to take place.

Tiny Fingers – Tiny Toes

Holding such tiny hands and feet is a memory I will never forget. The process was very quick and the print instant. Discussing the sale was very difficult but over the years I have learnt to how important the service I offer is.
It is really hard to take money for this type of sale, so we only look to cover our costs. The outcome for the couple is have a sweetie bracelet with their daughter’s hand print and foot print. A third pendant with her name and date of birth on – a small reminder of their little angel Rose.


Keepsakes can also be created using a piece of handwriting.  If you have a christmas or birthday card the writing can be used from this.
For the client, the granddaughter found a birthday card her Nan sent to her mum. The client scanned the handwriting on the card to the studio. From this a memorial heart charm with Nan’s handwriting is now worn close to her heart daily.
“Hi Glenda. I have received the pendant. Just want to say I absolutely love it. It bought a tear to my eye to see my nan’s writing in that way. Love it love it love it!!!!! Thank you so much. X”
from Buckinghamshire

All enquiries are dealt with very delicately.   Often email is the easiest form of communication due to the nature of the silver fingeprint jewellery in loving memory

Email details are

If you are happy to call please use 07738165146