Silver Jewellery – Pet Prints

Pawprints in Silver

Silver Jewellery Pet Prints.  Capture your pet’s paw print in a unique and personal way.  Capture your pet prints for you or your loved one.  Create silver charms in many forms. These include:-
  • necklace,
  • bracelet,
  • keyring or
  • cufflinks.
All making a beautiful gift for that special day.

“ A home is not a home without a pet”

pet paw print charm on tiffany style bracelet with puppy and owner
pet paw print charm on Tiffany Style Bracelet

How do you create a silver charm?

Using one of our special inked wipes and coated papers on your pet’s paw we can create beautiful charms. If you can visit the studio in Poole we are happy to d this. However, this is not always possile so you can buy an inkless wipes kit and post it to the studio.
The process will work with any pet that has a pad on it’s paw, eg, dog, cat, rabbit, tiger, or lion etc
When the print arrives at the studio we scan it in to the computer and tidy it up.


The next stage requires the original print to be shrunk. This is so it can fit the size of the charm required. The process then requires for the format of a stamp. The stamp is then kept on file for any future orders, if required. Or if in the event the you lose your original charm an identical one can be made.

What type of pet paw prints can I buy?

We offer a variety of samples which include:-

  • pet paw cufflinks
  • pet paw charms with a Tiffany style bracelet
  • or charms attached to a pandora style dangle bead with a pandora style bracelet.
  • or keyrings

so you are spoilt for choice.

dog paw print cufflinks with wooden heart
Circle pet pawprint cuflinks
loss of a beloved pet pawprint silver charm
Teardrop paw print silver charm with Tiffany Style bracelet
dog paw print charm on dog collar
Dog Paw print oval charm with contact telephone number
pandora style bracelet with heart paw print
pandora style bracelet with heart paw print charms
contemporary heart paw print charm
contemporary heart paw print charm

How do I order a pet paw print charm?

To order a pet print charm you can call 07738165146 or email:-