Tips to be a WAHM?

Top Tips on becoming a Work at Home Mum
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I want to share my top tips to be a WAHM.  Now in my 16th year running Precious Memories in Poole, Dorset. It has not been easy but it has definitely been rewarding.   Like many, I wanted to have my own identity and earn my own money, but at the same time be there for my two girls. Grateful, that I have been fortunate enough to attend sports days, assemblies and be on hand if either of them are ill.  Moreover, since I began, I have also become more  aware that there are quite a few people in my position. Mainly mums, who are at a turning point in their life where they want to be a WAHM but do not know where to start.  So I will give you some pointers which may help you with your decision.

My Tips on becoming an Entrepeneur?

After working from home for the past 16 years I have learnt a great deal.  The following are some top tips on being a WAHM.
The first thing I would also ask yourself is can I afford to be a WAHM? If you are starting a brand new venture it may take time for you to make money. You need to ask yourself whether your and if others are involved, can you afford to live? To determine if you can do the following:- 
  • Do a budget and figure out what your base living expenses are each month. 
  • Would one income cover that expense? 
  • Do you have savings to fall back on if needed? 
  • Also consider what kinds of start-up expenses there would be. Moreover, can you afford to make that investment? 
  • On a positive, there are some start-up expenses which are tax-deductible. But, don’t forget that you still have to be able to make the purchases and investments now. 

Are you ready to become an Entrepeneur?

In the past, the reality when you become a WAHM held quite romantic connotations. Today more women realise that it can be quite isolating and you do have to learn the art of juggling. So i would ask yourself the following questions:- 
  • Do you have the time? 
  • Is there an area you can use that can become your workspace?
  • Have very young children who aren’t even in preschool yet, do you have plans for how you will work around them? 
  • Do you have family who can help or will you have to pay childcare costs? 
  • Need to work full-time and your kids are in school, how will you adapt once the are home or ill or on holiday?


alternative career post furlough

What changes will I need to consider if I become a business owner?

So faced with all the considerations ask yourself the following and be honest:-
  • Are you ready to work at home? 
  • Can you handle the isolation? 
  • Think you can be a work at home mom and still see to your family’s needs? 
  • Some mums decide to become a WAHM for their children. Plonking them in front of the television so you can work, then you haven’t succeeded in your mission.
The number of WAHM’s is on the increase. Hearing at first hand what it is like to be a WHAM one of the best ways to understand the realities of becoming one.  Some blogs which give interesting insights and tips:-

Lamb and Bear who states 

“Here I am, a degree under my belt, 2 young children and a self-employed business owner. It’s not easy, but do you think I should just give all that up because I’m struggling? Or should I power through, seek a little more support? Come up with a plan that means I can continue with my career and show my sons that the women of the world can provide too. And not that women are just meant for the home. You know, if we told all working mums to give up when things got too much. We’d end up with a world dominated by powerful men and inequality. Oh wait… “



Jemja Bella  who comments

“I’ve been a work at home mum – or “WAHM” – for over 5 years now. My desk is the dining table. My workspace cluttered with children’s debris. My computer mouse frequently sticky from accumulated food gunk. Still, working from home is a lifestyle choice that works for me. “  

Indigo Sky 

who believes “Being a work at home mum is challenging at times. But also, so fecking rewarding and fun (If it’s not fun find a different approach). Amazing things are happening and all the work is going to pay off big time!” 



Perfectly Imperfect

gives some fabulous tips this is one of them “Let go of the idea that you can do it all. This should’ve been number one. You can’t clean the house (plus all the noses) and do all the laundry. Run the errands, pay attention to your husband and answer 100 emails per week. Plan & prepare dinner every night, print pics out for the nana, grow your business…all by yourself. Get over being perfect. Hire a virtual assistant if you can. Ask your husband for help with a couple of things around the house. Hire someone to help clean it, for that matter. Feel OK about these things–they keep you focusing on your family.”

Glenda Hickmott – Founder of Precious Memories….. 

“Speaking for myself, there have been some real highs and lows. , I have suffered a few illnesses over the years  – which has affected the amount I have earnt.  Yet, as the years have gone by, my business has progressed and I am now an expert in my particular field. I often receive recognition for it – which is great”.

Fancy a new career knowing the top tips to be WAHM?

With over 16 years as a WAHM I want to share my highs and lows. I offer affordable workshops to learn the art of creating keepsakes. They are great for anyone considering a career change.  With people travelling from all over the UK including Scotland, Wales Ireland. As well as overseas from places such as India, Norway, Cyprus and Germany to attend my workshops.
My aim is to continue to inspire and support those who attend both at the time of the training. As well as on their journey to running their own business.  
I feel very lucky and it has inspired both of my girls who are learning to be strong, independent women.  My hard work has paid off where I get recognised and win awards – so feel very lucky I can do a job i love.  Set my own hours and ensure I get valuable time with my family. This is including time with my pet cockapoo Pickle, who is always at hand to help!

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