Training with Christina from Cyprus

Belly Bump Castings Training with Christina from Cyprus

It is always an honour when someone chooses my company to learn a craft.  Even more so when they travel thousands of miles.  I had the pleasure of training Christina who travelled all the way from Cyprus. Christina wanted to learn the art of mod-roc belly bump castings and belly bump bowls.

Having researched Cyprus, Christina found that there was a huge demand but no supply for this and was very keen to take advantage.  Alongside the fact that after along time as an Accountant, she wanted to leave the profession and do something more creative.

One-to-One Training Course

As with all training sessions I run, they are one on one which is very important.  One person may be particularly creative another may not. I do not want anyone to feel unsure and loose confidence in themselves.

belly bump with Christina training image of her creating mod-roc belly bump
We were very lucky to have the fabulous Jennifer as our model who was due her second child.  Christina was very keen to create a bump straight away. Within an hour and half we had created one belly bump and one belly bump with boobs. 
Creating two meant Christina could take the smaller one away with her. Jennifer took away the larger one bump cast.  Jennifer was excited as she had played around with mod-roc bandage years ago when she was a student. This was her opportunity to create her own personalised masterpiece.
rock the bump mod roc casting training workshop
belly bump with boobs Christina training day for belly bump lesson
Christina’s sample belly bump cast was left to dry in the glorious UK sunshine. The time was then spent going through the various stages of finishing the cast. These include:– applying plaster and sanding. We also tried various artistic features to the bumps for Christina to use when she returns to Cyprus.

The day went so quickly. Christina’s son spent the day at the studio too. He was a brilliant baby sitter for my cockapoo Pickle who was recovering from an operation.

International Client Review

The review she left me was fabulous and I am very grateful to her for taking the time to write it.

"It was a pleasure meeting you too thank you for the warm welcome. It was a great day full of exciting new things to learn instead of playing around with numbers. You are a professional and care about your work! I will definitely be back for more. Give my regards to Jen, she was awesome."


Aftercare is Paramount with all Training Courses

As with all my training, once they leave that is not the end of it. The aftercare is as important if not more important to me. Since Christina has been back in Cyprus we have spoken several times. One of the key elements she has struggled with is the plaster drying out so quickly in the heat. After lots of samples and different techniques guided by me we finally mastered it. I am delighted to say Christina has seen a client and created her first belly bump.
I am very excited to see the journey Christina takes with her new business. Christina is also keen to return to the UK at some point to attend more training with me.

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