3D Casting Training Courses

3D Casting Training Course

Fancy learning how to create 3D Castings? With over 15 years experience training students from the UK and overseas, Glenda will take you through every step working with real models, in a fun and friendly environment. One to one teaching in a purpose built studio in Poole, Dorset.

3D Training Courses


Looking for an opportunity to learn a new skill and run your own business from home?


Our Casting Training Courses are run in a purpose built studio in Poole, Dorset and are great fun.  Prices are as follows:- 

One Day – £500

One and Half Days – £750

Two days – £1000


Training days are flexible to try and fit in with your schedule where possible.



So why choose Precious Memories to learn how to create castings? 

Running this business now for 15 years I have taught hundreds of students to perfect this art and can honestly say that I love nothing more than sharing my experience with those who attend the training.  Having trained people in the UK and also overseas such as India, Germany and Cyprus this further highlights just how far people are prepared to travel to ensure they are guaranteed an exceptional workshop to learn to art of 3d casting.  Students leave with detailed practical knowledge and experience to run your own casting business.

Unlike other companies, Precious Memories offers casts in luxury materials which include, solid bronze, lead crystal glass and hallmarked sterling silver.  When you attend the training workshop you will be trained to create casts in plaster, which can then be sent to Glenda in Poole. Glenda can then create them into the luxury product for your client and return them back to you.  Being part of this process is quite unique and it means that you will have the edge to your competitors from the start.

Do Precious Memories offer 3D Casting Kits?


Precious Memories business vision remains well and truly focussed.  Over the years there has been a shift with some casting companies offering both the services of 3D casting but also the DIY kits to customers.  Precious Memories  firmly believe this sends out a very mixed message about the art of 3D Castings.  Precious Memories does not sell the kits and has no intention of doing and will remain offering high quality products matched with a high quality service to its customers.

Do Precious Memories offer Group Training 3D Casting Courses?


Other companies also focus group training however, as each person learns differently Precious Memories wants to ensure that you make full use of your time on the training course and therefore will remain offering a one to one service. 

Over the years the same few questions have been raised over and over which I have highlighted below:-

Question 1 – Do you offer training online?  In short, no.  Call me old fashioned, but would you read a book to learn how to ride a bike?  That is my view on learning the art of 3D Casting too!  You need to be face to face with the parent, baby and have hands on experience of using and understanding the materials too.  The first impression you create with a client is really key and you can’t learn how to do this online.

Question 2 – What is the difference between your One day Casting Course and your Two day Casting Course?

I understand that everyone who enquires has budget in mind and not everyone can afford to stay over.  The Casting Courses are adapted to hopefully offer everyone the chance to attend one of my training courses.  The Two Day course does offer you more opportunity to meet a variety of models and you also learn the art of handclasps.

As with any course I run, I go into a huge amount of in-depth detail on do and dont’s  that I have personally experienced – something you can’t learn online, as well as having the opportunity to cast a baby. 


Precious Memories also covers all the key aspects associated with your business, such as the ever increasing impact of social media, marketing, insurance and health and safety.  

Question 3 – What do you get in your kit? 


3D Basic Starter Kit – £100 which will include a shadow box frame, alginate, plaster, a colour wax plus tools.  You will also receive a supplier list which is invaluable in terms of saving both time and money.


Question 4 – What support is given once training has been completed?  Again, feedback from those who have completed the training have said that the aftercare offered is worth the money in itself.  I am firm believer that once you leave the studio, if at any point you need help with anything covered in the training support will be given – no strings attached!  


As a mum myself, I am so thankful that i have not missed out on anything with my girls and have grown a business which now allows other parents to do exactly the same from for the comfort of their own home both here in the UK and overseas.  Finding a job around a family in today’s society is not always easy.  With the rise of childcare costs many parents are often left in a dilemma – as returning to work for some means they hardly earn anything.  For many who have attended training they have been looking for a lifestyle change.  Wanting time with their family but also earning money and gaining some financial independence too.  This is exactly what this training course will do for you.  Gone are the days when you miss your child’s sports day at school or you have to call feel guilty sending your child into school when they are feeling unwell because you are being made to feel guilty at work.  Learning the craft of 3D Keepsakes is not only a new craft but a new start for you and your family and if you don’t just have to take my word for it – hear why some of the people I have trained think.

So if you think this may be what you are looking to do then why not take a few minutes to listen to what Caroline from Bristol had to say when she attended the two day 3D Casting Workshop.  kindly took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to do a short video on her experience on attending a two day 3D training course.

For an informal chat email info@precious-memories.co.uk or call 07738165146

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